Yasodhara Ashram has a long-standing connection with Budapest thanks to the initiative of Frances Becker who first moved to the city to teach yoga during its time of great transition in 1993, and remained there, living and teaching for fifteen years.

Frances and other Yasodhara Yoga teachers continue to visit the city and offer classes, workshops and satsangs whenever these can be arranged.




We are most grateful to the Sivananda Centre, and especially its director, Omkara, for the warm welcome Yasodhara Yoga has also found there. 

In recent years the centre has grown physically with the addition of a large new yoga room. Meanwhile many consistent students and teachers there have continued to flourish and grow in self understanding.



Copies of Swami Radha’s Rádhá – Egy asszony útkeresésének naplója and Hatha jóga, a rejtett nyelv. – Szimbólumok, titkok és metaforák can be purchased both on line and at the Sivananda Centre.









Julia Lock is a continuing presence in Budapest. First introduced to Yasodhara Yoga by Frances, she has been hosting workshops and classes for many years. She continues to support the work through her hospitality and warm welcome.




Frances Becker has been a Yoga practitioner since 1979. Her introduction to Swami Radha’s teachings came in 1985 with a Sacred Dance Workshop at Yasodhara Ashram and she took  the Yoga Development Course (YDC) in 1988. She has been teaching and studying Yoga ever since, both in the USA and Europe.

Frances first visited Budapest in October of 1990 where she participated in a Yoga class in O Buda then spent a week being taken into the group and forging a deep connection with its members. Her strong feelings of being at home in Budapest, and of being with its people, led her to return as a resident to bring Swami Radha’s Teachings to the city.

She returns regularly to Yasodhara Ashram to keep her Yoga knowledge current, and she works with other Yasodhara Yoga teachers in Spokane, Washington State, and in Europe with a continuing focus on reflection and on offering classes and workshops in Hatha Yoga, the Hidden Language; Dream Yoga; Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Indian Prayer Dance wherever she travels. She also leads Satangs and Rose Ceremonies.

“I offer these Teachings because I know their preciousness. Swami Radha has given their transforming possibilities to the world.’ Frances Becker



Recent workshops (Online in 2020)


The Yoga of Healing – October 2020  

What is it that heals? Is healing a power of the mind?  Or the heart?  Or is healing by Divine Grace? There is no simple or direct answer. 




2020 Vision: Can you soar like an Eagle? – October 2020 

How is this year of so much change and uncertainty working out for you?

In this Hatha Yoga: Hidden Language workshop, explore Garudasana, the Eagle pose as a physical and meditative practice. The eagle has far-reaching vision; practicing eagle pose is an opportunity to expand your own vision. The body can be a vehicle to see beyond your physical limitations, and limited thinking.


My Body as a Temple – October 2020 – 

Nourishing sessions of self-inquiry where each individuals’ uniqueness is respected – a safe place for exploration and for translating your own insights into practical clear directions.





Cultivating Compassion – August 2020 

Being compassionate towards ourselves, those around us and the world, requires the willingness and courage to be kind-hearted. How do you live an ideal of compassion? How can you deepen your understanding so that kindness and concern can grow?


Recent workshops before the pandemic

How does your mind create your world? A Kundalini Yoga Workshop – Wednesday and Finding Balance in Times of Uncertainty –  March 2019






Such a lovely atmosphere on the two days you were with us and such deep work. Julia


A Weekend of Yoga at the Sivananda Centre

The Tree of Life, A Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Workshop – March 2019






Cultivating Compassion and The Two Selves in Yoga







‘Life is flow, is motion, is the interaction of purusa and prakriti.’ Swami Radha, from Kundalini Yoga for the West


2018 Workshops with Swami Sukhananda

Kundalini Yoga – Relaxation and the Play of Siva and Shakti Energy

Through relaxation, access the refreshing fountains of Kundalini Energy that are yours to discover. Understand more about the interplay of Siva and Shakti and their union that is the goal of all Yoga practice.

Kundaliní Jóga – Relaxáció, valamint Siva és a Sakti Energia összjátéka






Accessing Shakti Power – the Devi of Speech

Kundaliní Jóga – Hozzáférés a Sakti Erőhöz, a beszéd Istennőjéhez

 „Soha nem tudtak még olyan zenei hangszert létrehozni, amely ha megszólal, nagyobb erővel bírna, mint az emberi hang. Azzal, ahogyan a hangodat és a lélegzetedet használod, kiejtheted valakinek a nevét – egyetlen szót -, és annyiféle érzelmet fejezhetsz ki, ahány billentyű van a zongorán.” – Részlet Szvámí Rádhá „Itt az idő szentté válni!” c. könyvéből.







Using the Kundalini System to Create your own World

We can use our practices, an understanding of the Kundalini System, and self- exploration to set and achieve personal goals and ideals.
Kundaliní Jóga – Teremtsd meg a Világodat a Kundaliní Rendszer segítségével!






Transitions: Embracing Change

How yoga can support you in times of change and transition? Exploring past experiences of transition to identify what choices to make now.








2017 Workshops with Swami Sukhananda







2017 Students reflecting during Frances’s visit







2016 Workshops with Swami Sukhananda








2014 Workshops with Frances Becker