Växjö is believed to be constructed from the words väg (“road”) and sjö (“lake”), meaning the road over the frozen lake that farmers used in the winter to get to the marketplace which later became the city of Växjö. Växjö is situated in the center of the historical landscape of Småland in the south of Sweden. Växjö is the main town of the municipality and the provincial capital. Started as a medieval bishop’s seat with a medieval cathedral, Växjö developed to an economic and cultural center over the centuries. Växjö calls itself “The Greenest City in Europe”. It has its foundation in a long history of commitment to environmental issues, and ambitious goals for a green future.



Natalie has a background in International and Intercultural Social Work (M.A.) and currently
specializes in Foster Family Assessment.

Natalie arrived at the Yasodhara Ashram for the first time in the summer of 2012 participating
in the Karma Yoga Program. She participated in the Yoga Development Course (YDC) and
the Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification (HTC) in 2016 and then again in 2022.

Swami Radha’s work has helped Natalie navigate her life in a more conscious and considerate

Contact email Natalie or call  0046 0737389578,


Recent Events

Workshop with Swami Sukhnanada – January 2024

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