JaneCatherine and James are both Yasodhara Ashram trained teachers offering classes, workshops and satsangs in Norwich and Norfolk.

All sessions are currently online only.


Coming Back to Harmony
An On Line Hidden Language and Reflection Class with Niamh and JaneCatherine  
Saturday 8th October 22 10am-12.00  BST

Harmony comes when the elements are beautifully blended together.

How can you encourage your mind and body to relax and open to a quiet inner self? Quietness and stillness bring perspective and clarity to what you can realise and what you want to draw in.

Learning to understand the ground of the body, the ground of the mind and the ground of the heart can bring about the realisation of how everything is always there for us at any time, in any place,

Join us for this workshop  class as we explore the possibilities  harmony has to offer, through asanas, reflection, breath, relaxation and Light.



When: Saturday 8th October 22
Where: On line
Time: 10.00am-12.00 BST
Donation: £10-20 depending on means
Book here: Paypal link or contact us for BACs details
Contact: Email Niamh here or JaneCatherine here for more information, to reserve a place and for the link.


Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Classes
Friday mornings

With JaneCatherine


Hidden Language Hatha Yoga takes the practice of Hatha Yoga far beyond a series of physical exercises. It is a gentle and meditative style of Hatha that respects the body as a spiritual tool. By working with metaphor, symbolism, imagery and visualization, the ‘hidden’ messages of each asana are revealed.

Hidden Language starts with the very personal – your observations, your mind, your body, your relationship to the world. And it expands out to the universal, to the mythologies of our cultures, to the subtle force sustaining all life. The asanas are practiced not only for their physical benefits, but also to understand the psychological and symbolic meanings, to demonstrate how each asana can increase spiritual awareness. For those accustomed to physically intense or rigorous Hatha traditions, Hidden Language will be a change of pace, a chance to go deeper into the body and the mystical potential of each asana.

The atmosphere of a class is quiet and self-directed. The instructor offers principles – such as spinal awareness, moving with the breath, relaxing in the movements, and observing physical, mental and emotional responses – but you are given responsibility for your own self and your own insights. Students take time between asanas to write down observations. At the end of class there is a deep relaxation, then the class gathers together to share their reflections. Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a journal.

If you are new to Yasodhara Yoga Practices and would like to know more about them, to read more Click here. 

Bring a pen, journal and mat.


When: Fortnightly on Friday mornings, 10 -11.30 am

Contact: email JaneCatherine here for more information

Cost: £1-15. A little kindness goes a long way. You can contribute towards bursaries with our Pay it Forward Price: £15 (including £5 towards a bursary to assist another student), £10, or for those with little income in these difficult times, £1-5

We would much rather you paid what you can afford than not attend the classes because of  financial restrictions.

The Radha House Association is a charity (no 1057281) that helps people benefit from our Yoga. Teachers donate the proceeds from these classes and workshops to help others. For those who attend regularly, there is also a Gift Aid option. Please ask for the form here.

N.B. To make sure that you are able to access the class, please make sure that payment is made by 6pm on Thursday evening.

You can pay here: http://PayPal.me/yogalightness or  Contact JaneCatherine here for BACS details.

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Online Satsangs


Satsang is the time of gathering together in devotion and prayer. It is offered in the Saraswati tradition, and includes aarti, a celebration of light, meditations, mantras and bhajans, and either a talk or an inspirational reading on an aspect of spiritual life.

‘It is a time of prayer, reflection and chanting, a time to see the personal challenges of life from a different perspective’.  Time to be Holy by Swami Sivananda Radha

All welcome.

Offered collectively by the European Yasodhara Teachers.

When: Alternate Friday Mornings 10-10.45 am .
Cost: all welcome, no fee, donations welcomed for our Yoga charity,the Radha House Association (Charity no 1057281), which helps people to get to experience yoga at Yasodhara Ashram.
You can pay JaneCatherine via PayPal here or BACS, or pay the Radha House Association directly and she will pass on your donation, or you can Email JaneCatherine here for the Radha House Association BACS details
Contact: jane.a@yasodharayoga.org for more information, zoom link and BACS details.



JaneCatherine Aldiss started practicing hatha yoga in 1991 and started teaching yoga in 1999. She has studied with internationally recognized teachers around the world, including Angela Farmer, who introduced her to the power of ‘The Feminine Unfolding’ within the practice.

JaneCatherine is a Yasodhara Yoga Teacher, as well as a Senior Yoga Teacher and Approved Coach with the Yoga Alliance UK as well as a CPD teacher for the British Wheel of Yoga. She teaches The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga,  Kundalini Yoga and Dream Yoga workshops in the Yasodhara Yoga tradition.

“I discovered one of Swami Radha’s books in the local library (In the Company of the Wise) in May 2015, and by the time I was half way through, knew that I had to go to Yasodhara Ashram to do the three month Yoga Development Course, which I attended in 2016. I returned to the UK after a five month stay. I went back to the ashram in 2017 for the Dream and Kundalini Training, in 2018 for the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga Training, and in October 2019 took four of my friends and students to the ashram, three of whom participated in the 10 Days of Yoga Journey https://www.yasodhara.org/study/10-day-yoga-journey/ and one, in the One Month Karma Yoga Programme https://www.yasodhara.org/karma-yoga/one-month-introduction/

The Yasodhara teachings have changed my life in extraordinary ways, and continue to do so. I am deeply committed to bringing them forward in my European community both in person and on line, so that others can experience these transformational practices.”

For details of classes and workshops or any other information visit JaneCatherine’s website yogalightness.com

Email: jane.a@yasodharayoga.org



I was inspired to take up yoga aged 21 by my parents whilst living in France. Seven years later, in 2005, I first stayed at Yasodhara Ashram during a gap year in Canada. I returned to participate in the 2008 Yoga Development Course, remaining at the ashram for most of 2008 and 2009, undertaking karma yoga and completing my teacher certification.

I return to the ashram every 3-4 years to refresh my experience and connection, and am supported on a regular basis by a network of fellow yogis stretching from Vancouver Island to Nagano. I have previously been on the Radha House Association board, including in the role of President.

I currently lead a fortnightly book group as well as initiating the weekly Divine Light Invocation practice group, both sessions being online.

More information on these can be found on the “online classes and satsangs” page of this site: yasodharayoga.org/europe/classes-satsangs/

I have also been responsible for organising YYEN’s first online retreats: yasodharayoga.org/europe/online-classes/

For more information about me and my teaching, please visit my website: thepromiseofyoga.com






Online Dream Yoga Workshop  – Saturday 2nd April 2022 2-5pm With JaneCatherine

Get in touch with your Higher Self through the involvement and analysis of your dreams. Dream Yoga is the most direct means of learning to understand your self. By combining yoga techniques and practices with an investigation of symbolism, it opens up a dialogue with the unconscious mind to help interpret the messages of your subconscious to create change in your waking life.

This method emphasizes independence and understanding yourself as an individual. Dreams are personal creations, and as you study them you learn the language of your unconscious. Making your own discoveries is a very joyful process and gives you the courage to go on. By finding answers within, you gain self-confidence.

In this  workshop you will be facilitated through Swami Sivananda Radha’s Dream Method . You’ll learn ways to open up and find the unique message of your dream, as well as tools to help you work with your dreams on your own.

Come and explore your dreams and see what they have to teach you!

You will need: a dream, written down, as you will be using the document to work with.  You’ll also need a note book, pen, coloured crayons/pencils and paper, refreshments, and a comfortable, undisturbed place to work.

N.B. This is not a physical yoga class.

When: Saturday 2nd April 2022 2-5pm

Cost:  £30. Concessions available for those with limited income in these challenging times. Contact JaneCatherine here to discuss concessionary places

Paymentvia PayPal here or via BACs

Contact: JaneCatherine for BACs details here, to book a place, or for any more information 

An Introduction to Manipura Cakra (the 3rd cakra in the Kundalini System) June 2020
E – motion = “energy in motion”
What prevents clear sight when the emotions are stimulated?
How can I transform emotions into ‘finer feelings’?
The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to Manipura, the third cakra,  and give a broad idea of the challenges and strengths at that level of consciousness, and give you practical and transformative tools to work with them.
Connect with the transformative potential of Manipura Cakra, the 3rd Cakra in the Kundalini system in this 1.5 hour workshop
If you are wondering why it seems like we are starting at the 3rd cakra, its simply because the 1st and 2nd Cakras were previously introduced in physical workshops in 2018 & 2019.



Dream Yoga Workshop, May 2020

This inward and reflective lockdown period has given some the time to connect more deeply with their dreams, and a request has come forward for dream workshops, so the next Saturday reflection class will be a dream workshop. We will take two hours to explore a dream and see what the hidden messages are for you.

“Our dreams are our own creations, and as we study them we learn our personal language of the unconscious.” Swami Sivananda Radha


Finding Balance on line reflection class 2nd May 20.

The ‘Finding Balance’ on line reflection class was very special. People new to Yasodhara Yoga joined for the first time and said how powerful the practices (relaxation, visualisation, mantra, breathing , meditation) were for them. We connected from all over Europe, from Norwich to London and Lowestoft, and Sweden, Denmark, France and Spain!




Escorted Trip to Yasodhara Ashram – 2019


In October, Jane took a group from Norfolk on an amazing trip to attend the Ten Days of Yoga course at Yasodhara Ashram. Here you see Jane with Lisa, a Yoga teacher from Alaska who also took a group of her students to participate in this course. (Click here for details.)



Second Cakra Workshop – February 2019







Norwich Teachers’ Programme – January 2019






(Not a) Christmas Yoga Retreat – December 2018







Relaxation and Dreams Workshop – December 2018








Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga and First Cakra Day – October 2018

Going beyond stretch and relax with this meditative style of Hatha Yoga respects the body as a spiritual tool, leading to greater peace of body, mind and heart.

1st Cakra workshop, Root Cakra, Muladhara

The Kundalini System can be said to be a map for your life’s journey. Start with feet placed firmly on the ground.


Dream Yoga Workshop – December 2017

We explored our dreams and help to learn the language of the subconscious dreaming mind to see what messages it was trying to tell us.

Divine Light Invocation Workshop – November 2017

a Sunday morning immersed in the Divine Light Invocation, a powerful meditation and mantra technique given to Swami Sivananda Radha by Babaji in India.


The Yasodhara Yoga European Teachers’ Convention – March 2017

Teachers from France, the Netherlands and Kent in England gathered in Oulton. Hosted by Jane and facilitated by Swami Sukhananda. Read about it in the local news.