Yasodhara Yoga European Network Weekend Gathering – Joy is the Gift of Love – November 2020- Online

Teachers and students from across Europe came together to offer a variety of sessions online. The weekend a feature the familiar mix of Satsangs, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga and reflection sessions as well as the AGM for the Radha House Association. We are learning new ways to be together.

The weekend went really well. James did a great job of organising everything, and the good response from everyone helped to make the classes vibrant. Even on zoom, people’s energy is transmitted! (Devani, England)

It gave me the opportunity to be nurtured and gain more clarity and strength to continue my work with joy and hope. I feel gratitude to you, to the group and to those who developed the technology that allows us, being physically so separated,  to see and hear each other. (Jovita, Portugal)









Bad Meinberg, Germany – Theme weeks – January 2020










Bad Meinberg, Aims and intentions on the basis of the Kundalini Knowledge –  January 2020







The Hidden Language of Asanas – December 2019 – January 2020







Bad Meinberg – Renewing in the Light, A Standing Meditation Workshop – December 2019 








Escorted trip to Yasodhara Ashram – October 2019

Jane Aldiss escorted a trip to Yasodhara Ashram, in British Columbia, for the October for the 10 Days Yoga Journey. A wonderful, life enhancing experience for all those who participated, including 3 from Norfolk, plus students from France, Germany, Switzerland and Latvia and a pilgrimage group from Alaska. All of the European students stayed on after their course to experience community life and Karma Yoga.




European Temple Fundraiser – a European shared initiative!

Learn more about the vision and progress from Swami Lalitananda at the Ashram by clicking here.

The new Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram is now open for daily Satsangs and many celebrations and events. Great job everyone and many thanks for all of your contributions and for the delightful activities and events you organized to help us make this beautiful dream into an incredible reality. http://www.yasodhara.org



Leipzig – Dream Yoga Evening – January 2019








Leipzig – Divine Feminine, Discovering the Power Within – January 2019

‘Divine Mother is sometimes though of as being outside of ourselves or as an image in worship. But she really is the power within us. Her many aspects, are given 108 names in India. represent different powers. Four of her main powers are wisdom, strength, harmony and perfection. What would it mean to manifest those for powers in our own lives?’ from Swami Radhananda’s Living the Practice, Collected Writings on the Transformational Potential of Yoga















Two workshops in Pakefield –  March 2019 – Stilling the Mind and Dream Yoga







I got so much out of the workshops this week end … So helpful. It also helps that you gather such a lovely group of people together. Carole, Mar 2019


Yoga Retreat Weekend – December 2018

Thanks for a wonderful weekend all round. The workshop was genius! I loved how the journey literally came full circle. So clever, and so interesting too. My picture is on my bedroom wall where it is inspiring me. So interesting to see it from a distance – it shows me so much more… Jane Dec 2018








February 2018 – Kundalini Yoga: What is my Responsibility?









December 2017 – Kundalini Yoga: Relaxation, Joy and Peace

During this afternoon of relaxation, reflection and gentle stretch you will discover deep fountains of creativity, joy and harmony and peace. These fountains are within each one of us. We need only to take the time for ourselves through rest and relaxation to find the keys.


Kundalini Yoga: The Chakras and the 5 Senses

What do I see? What do I hear? How does my sense of taste affect my choices? Our life is perceived through the senses, and mind acts as the interpreter. The Chakras can help us understand the mind’s incredible abilities powers and creativity. Practice relaxation, mantra, concentration and meditation to expand awareness.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” Yeats


Yasodhara Yoga European Network gathering in London, April 2017

A time for sharing our stories, a healthy lunch, satsang and our dreams. In the afternoon we indulged in tea and cake, then some of us rounded off a full day with an Indian meal in Brick Lane.















Lifeseals in Caudet, Gers, France








Kentish Garden Tea Party – Rough Common, April 2016

Celebrate the building of our new temple at Yasodhara Ashram at this Kentish tea party. There will be  home made savouries, cakes and scones, a variety of teas, coffee, soft drink and Pimms. There will be music, fun and games available with table quizzes for the adults and party games for the children and also a bring and buy book stall.






Canterbury – Inner Life of Asanas  – Moving into Stillness – September 2016

Going further into your practice of Yoga. Deepening your knowledge of your body and mind and how they can work together to bring forward greater wisdom and understanding in your life .




Canterbury -Dream Yoga – The Garden Yoga Studio, Rough Common, October 2016

What do our dreams mean? What is our unique language of personal symbols and how can understanding them lead to greater awareness and choice in our daily lives? Discover the possibilities in a warm and supportive study group using the yoga teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha.