30-lalitananda-imagechildCanterbury has a long tradition of Yasohdhara Yoga, with classes being offered since 1989.

Teachers Carol Lucis and Jacqueline Summer now keep the tradition alive by offering Hidden Language Hatha Yoga classes both online and in Canterbury. You are welcome to join our satsangs held twice a month on Zoom (see below).

From time to time there are also special opportunities to attend a variety of Yasodhara Yoga workshops in Canterbury led by local teachers or visiting teachers from Yasodhara Ashram. 



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Satsang is the time of gathering together in devotion and prayer. Join us for bhajans, mantras, meditations, inspirational readings and talks

Where: ONLINE :you can join a Zoom Satsang. They are great fun with people from many places gathering together – Click here for more details

When: Twice a month on and Friday mornings (10am) and Sunday evenings (7pm)

Cost: all welcome, no fee, donations welcomed for our Yoga charity that helps people to get to experience yoga at Yasodhara Ashram.

In Sanskrit, Sat = true, sanga = company, satsang is often translated as ‘in the company of the wise’



ONLINE Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga with Jacqueline – Zoom – Wednesdays & Fridays


Our bodies store the stories of our life and the ancient asanas hold stories of symbolic meaning. When we enter the sacred poses we bring both sets of stories into awareness. You will be guided through the process and make notes of your body and mind responses. The session will incorporate meditation, breath work and relaxation. There will be opportunities to share your discoveries and to decide how best to take this forward into your life.

When: A Wednesday evening  each month 15th May, 12th June 2024

18.00-19.30pm (GMT)

Same class is offered on a Friday morning each month: 17th May , 14th June 2024

10-11.30am (GMT)

Check time for your own Time Zone

Where: Online, a link will be sent to you when you book. You need a yoga mat, notebook & pen and a quiet space.

Fee: £12/10/8 dependant on income. Payable by BACS, at least one day prior to class. Or 20/15 Can Dollars.

Contact: jacqueline.s@yasodharayoga.org or call 07939 066810



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Yasodhara Yoga Teachers in Canterbury

Jacqueline Summer teacher-jacquelineI first encountered Swami Radha’s teachings of yoga in 2003 at a Hidden Language Hatha Yoga class. I went on to train as a Yasodhara Yoga teacher, taking the Yoga Development Course and Hatha Teacher Training at Yasodhara Ashram in 2008 . I received teacher certification in Kundalini, Dream Yoga and Hidden Language Hatha Yoga in 2010.  http://www.yasodhara.org/ I renewed my training in  2014, 2018 and 2023.

My background is in Social Work, Steiner teaching and Professional Storytelling. I have a BA Fine Art and taught art to adults for a number of years. I am a practicing professional artist https://www.jacquelinesummer.com/

I find Yasodhara Yoga to be a grounded and practical way of honouring the spiritual in everyday life. It is a source of inner strength, resilience and compassion.

Contact: Jacqueline Summer jacqueline.s@yasodharayoga.org   07939 066810 or 01227 732189


Carol Lucis teacher-carolYasodhara yoga has been a prominent part of my life since 1994. I was impressed by the practical, life enriching tools that were offered to me in the classes. Yasodhara Yoga  http://www.yasodhara.org/ has enhanced my life in every way. Swami Radha’s profound wisdom and compassion has formed the inspiration to make much needed changes to bring greater peace and joy into my life. I now offer others the opportunity to experience that same wisdom.

I completed initial training as a Yasodhara Yoga teacher in 1997 and  returned to complete the Hidden Language, Dreams and Kundalini teacher training. Since then I have been returning regularly to the ashram to update and connect with others from all over the world. Extended stays in 2008 and again in 2015/16 helped me to deepen my yoga practice and commitment.

Carol will be teaching and offering Karma Yoga at Yasodhara Ashram from January to May 2020 and will be returning to Canterbury to resume classes in the early summer.

Contact: Carol Lucis carol.l@yasodharayoga.org 07595 669206


Recent Workshops/Retreats/Events

Dream Yoga Workshops – March 2023

What do our dreams mean? Discover your own unique language of the unconscious using the safe method developed by Swami Radha. Yoga spiritual practices, such as chanting and meditation assist the process.

Look out for new dates