In addition to offering weekly Hatha Classes, the Centro de Yoga de Braga offers weekly Hidden Language of Hatha and weekly Mantra chanting. In addition, we have a monthly session of Kundalini Yoga or Dream Yoga followed by Satsang.

We like to offer our students and yoga friends the opportunity to meet visiting teachers at our yoga centre or in our annual retreat each April as a way to expand their views and go deeper in their reflections. Visiting teachers from Yasodhara Ashram, and Yasodhara Yoga teachers from other European centres offer a variety of workshops that, from time to time, include Kundalini Yoga, Lifeseals, Dream Yoga and Music and Consciousness.






Classes, Mantra and Satsangs

Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Classes

Hidden Language Hatha Yoga takes the practice of Hatha Yoga far beyond a series of physical exercises. It is a gentle, meditative style of Hatha that respects the body as a spiritual tool. By working with metaphor, symbolism, imagery and visualization, ‘hidden’ messages are revealed. Open to all levels.

When: 1st Thursdays of each month, 18h30 – 19h45

Where:  Centro de Yoga de Braga

Contact: Jovita


For a table of classes and prices see


Mantra Chanting for our Prayer List 

Chanting produces a series of psychological and spiritual effects while the concentration brings a deep sense of peace and joy. Through repetition of the mantra you can become like a magnet, attracting spiritual power and you may offer a prayer or chant mantra for healing others, as an expression of your sincere concern. Learn how to let the power of the mantra itself work as the healing force flows through you.

When: every Wednesdays, 18h15 – 18h30

Where:  Centro de Yoga de Braga

Contact:  Jovita +351938423986



Still Mind, Peaceful Heart – JaneCatherine Aldiss and Jovita Olivera – Saturday 14 October 2023

“Nourishing ourselves on the inside of our very being helps us cope with the complexities and uncertainties of life. How can you make the best of your life…, especially in uncertain times?” Swami Sivananda Radha.

Connecting with the wisdom of the mind and find peace of heart through reflection, hatha yoga, breath, meditation and relaxation in this two hour class.

Where: Centro de Yoga de Braga and online.

When: Saturday 14th October 23 2.30-4.30 GMT.

Contact:  Jovita +351938423986 for in person attendance

JaneCatherine here for the online link  see Norfolk page for more about JaneCatherine


Jovita is the director of the Centro de Yoga de Braga, and has been teaching yoga since 1991. In 2010, Jovita took the Yoga Development Course and Hatha Yoga teacher certification at Yasodhara Ashram. She returned to Canada in 2013 to take the teacher certifications in Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Dream Yoga.  She has been returning to Yasodhara Ashram regularly since then to take recertification courses.

She now offers these classes at her studio in Braga and in nearby towns.

For class information visit   Or contact Jovita:  +351938423986


Swami Sukhananda
is a resident and senior teacher at Yasodhara Ashram in BC, Canada, who was previously director of several Yoga Centres in England. Her connection with the Centro de Yoga de Braga, goes back many years – almost to the first opening of the centre. And she is a regular visitor to Braga whenever she returns to Europe on a teaching tour.

Speaking recently she commented on “the growth of students in Braga with a desire for the Light, and a willingness to reflect and speak courageously about their challenges and their victories. They open themselves up to self-enquiry and to possibilities for change.” Working with Swami Sukhananda is an opportunity to go deeper into your practices, to emerge shining with fresh insights and inspiration.


Recent Events and Workshops

Spring Retreat 223

Annual Meeting and Yoga Weekend –  January 2023
Members of the YYEN gathered in Braga for a beautiful sunny weekend.





What is Knowledge? What is Wisdom? – Saturday Workshop with Swami Sukhananda – in person in Braga – or by Zoom 

What do I truly know? What s the role of my senses? How do they help and support me but perhaps, at times, mislead me? And what about intuition? What is a ‘knowing of the heart’? Swami Sukhananda led us you through a personal exploration of your own sources of knowledge and wisdom using the yogic practices of Mantra, Concentration, the Divine Light Invocation, relaxation and reflection.


Stretch, Relax and Reflect – – in person in Braga – or by Zoom – with Charline and Devani January 2023






An afternoon of Dream Yoga followed by  Satsang –  November 2022
Get in touch with your Higher Self through your dreams.



Self-Care Yoga Workshop followed by Satsang – October 2022

What does it truly mean to take care of yourself? The participants chanted a Mantra and made a spontaneous drawing, that is why in the photo everyone has a piece of paper in front of them. Satsang was a time to give thanks for your amazing body and mind, for the insights of the day.



Yoga Retreat at a Convent near Braga – April 2022 – various teachers

Different teachers shared classes and talks including a Hidden Language Hatha Yoga and two morning sessions of Chanting. We connected with the Satsang offered by Swami Sukhananda from the Ashram on the 30th of April.




The Healing Power of the Light – March 2022

Exploring what needs healing (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual)This workshop was planned for December of 2021 but had to be postponed due the wave of Covid infections. In March, with the right precautions, we could heal ourselves with Light. The feedback of the participants was very good, with everyone sharing with an open heart the reflections that the Light inspired in each of them.

The practice of Yoga means to transform yourself from a sleepwalker to a person who is wide awake and responsive to the needs of others. (Swami Radha, Kundalini Yoga for the West)



Finding Inner Support, a  Hidden Language Hatha Yoga Workshop – 14 November 2020

With asana, reflection and spiritual practices, we tapped into your inner source of peace and wisdom for support in these challenging times.








My Body as a Temple with Swami Sukhananda  –  February 2020







Exploring and Integrating our Opposites with Swami Sukhananda  –  February 2020











There are no words enough to express my gratitude and of my colleagues for coming to us and leading us so beautifully in direction towards ourselves. Jovita








A Weekend with Swami Sukhananda – February 2019

Kundalini Yoga is the path to freedom and quite often misunderstood in the west. The 7 chakras or energy wheels. These respond to our experiences and allow us to direct our energy to create our life. How do you want to direct this energy? What is possible?

Stilling the Mind Workshop






Symbolism, the Mind’s Powers and the Mantras of the Cakras







Satsang – June 2018






Yoga Centre Anniversary Celebration – December 2017

Celebrating the anniversary of the opening of the Yoga Centre in 2004 with a review of what has been happening, joyful songs (Bhajans and Mantras), followed by a party with anniversary cake.





The Powers of the Chakras – Weekend Workshops with Swami Sukhananda – December 2017

We welcomed the return of Swami Sukhananda for a weekend of Yoga, exploration, intuition and Light.  Through our practices we explored ways we can awaken to inner wisdom, increase awareness and learn to live our lives more joyously and fully.








September 2017 Workshop with Elizabeth Taylor – Finding Balance in Daily Life

Life has many parts and many responsibilities – work, relationships, family, and information input – and taking care of yourself can be challenging. How do we keep ourselves balanced and centred when faced with life’s challenges?


Swami Sukhananda’s Visit – February 2017






  • Dreams Workshop
  • Conscious Living in Times of Change
  • Transitions


Dream Yoga – November 2016




Some experienced students and some new students explored Swami Radha’s Method of dreams analysis.



Swami Sukhananda’s Visit – December 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.23.24 AMSatsang1aging-groupScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.22.59 AM