Yasodhara Yoga teachers offer workshops and other day events in a variety of London locations, including the East End, at the quiet and beautiful oasis of St Saviour’s Priory near Haggerston Park and the Hackney City Farm; in Shoreditch, near St Matthew’s Church; and in central Enfield.



In addition, we are always happy to receive invitations from Yoga groups and centres anywhere in London. Depending on our availability, we can offer tailor made workshop programmes. These can be especially helpful for extending the opportunities available to continuing students and for teachers’ conferences and professional development days. They often focus on deepening the practice of Yoga asanas, or on exploring aspects of Kundalini Yoga, or more specific topics such as yoga and healing, cultivating compassion, conscious aging, the Divine Feminine, or Karma Yoga/the Bhagavad Gita and selfless service.


Weekly Classes – 2023

Gentle Hatha – Finchley Central – Monday Mornings

A perfect way to unwind and relax. Chairs available as needed.

When: Monday morning at  11.00am – 12.30

Where: St Mary’s Church Hall, Finchley Central N3 1TR

Cost: £44 for a group of 4 sessions, £12 drop in.

Contact:  Devani  or 07982805535




Come together for an uplifting time of mantra, meditation, songs and reflection. Currently via Zoom

Date & Times: Fortnightly on Fridays and Sundays

Where: By Zoom

Details: click here

All welcome, no fee, donations welcomed for our Yoga charity, the Radha House Association Charity no 1057281, that helps people to get to experience yoga at Yasodhara Ashram.

You can make donations via paypal.me/RadhaEurope  or email Devani  or 07982805535 for details to make a bank transfer.




Devani has been practising yoga for over 30 years and teaching for more than 25 years, initially with the British Wheel of Yoga, and then as a yoga therapist with the Yoga Biomedical Trust. She became a senior therapist at the Yoga Therapy Centre London.

Devani trained at Yasodhara Ashram 2008 – 2010 and has since been teaching, at the Ashram, on the Isle of Wight, and in West and North London. She was initiated into Brahmacharya in 2018.

Yasodhara Yoga – the Teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha – reflection, working directly on mind and consciousness, has brought real change in my life.’

Devani offers classes and workshops in Finchley and Enfield. For information about what is happening contact Devani  by email or call her 0798 2805535


Swami Sukhananda is a senior teacher and resident at Yasodhara Ashram in BC, Canada. She is visiting England in the winter 2018-9 and offering workshops and retreats.  She is looking forward to her time in London, to connect with students and friends, old and new. She is continually inspired by yoga and by witnessing its transformative effects. Her articles about Swami Radha’s work have appeared in British and North American yoga magazines.




Recent Events
The Tree of Life – Workshop – Zoom – September 2022
The tree is a legend in all cultures. It reaches to universal heights in mythology – becoming the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, the Cosmic Tree. And it reaches right into the roots of our individual consciousness to our very personal histories with trees. ………





Saraswati Workshop –  January 2022 – Zoom

“Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music, art and wisdom. The name Saraswati translates to “One Who Flows” in acknowledgement of the original form she took as a river in India.


The Power of Breath – May 2021 – Zoom 



Opening to the Light – February 2021 – Zoom 

“When I refer to Divine Light, I am referring to the Essence, God, Divine Mother, Consciousness or Higher Self. We need a symbol for this power, by whatever name, that is greater than we are…..Light is a good symbol because it brings clarity or awareness.”
(from Swami Radhananda, Living the Practice Pa. 139)


Seven of us re-connected with our inner Light yesterday at the Opening to the Light Workshop. We were able to re-kindle the fire and keep the Light burning, after the long hours of darkness.









The Tree of Life and Exploring and Integrating our Opposites, with Swami Sukhananda  – December 2019 

 Very inspiring and nurturing workshops Jovita