screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-02-54-amBerlin was Swami Radha’s home town. Here she trained and became a professional dancer, newspaper photographer and writer. Berlin was also where she had her first experiences of yoga. In the 1950s she trained in Rishikesh where she was initiated into sanyas by Swami Sivananda. He asked her to go to Canada to teach and establish an ashram. Yasodhara Ashram was opened in 1963.

You can read Swami Radha’s story in Radha, Diary of a Woman’s Search and In the Company of the WiseBooks available in German. Das Geheimnis des Hatha-Yoga, Praxis des Traum Yoga and Kundalini-Yoga für den Alltag: Verbindung mit dem inneren Selbst.





Franziska Anna Leers is trained as social worker (M.A.) and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (AYA). She works in a social help centre in Berlin and facilitates participatory workshops for individuals and NGOs all over Germany. Franziska visited Yasodhara Ashram in the winter of 2016 as a Karma Yogi and is interested in bringing Swami Radha’s work back to Berlin.

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Mantra des Göttlichen Lichts
Swami Sivananda Radha
Ich werde erschaffen durch Göttliches Licht.
Ich werde erhalten durch Göttliches Licht.
Ich werde geschützt durch Göttliches Licht.
Ich bin umgeben von Göttlichem Licht.
Ich wachse immer mehr in Göttliches Licht.


Workshops and Events

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Recent Workshops in Berlin

Workshops in Berlin were at the Bodhicharya Centre, in Friedrichshain – a beautifully calm spot in the centre of Berlin.

The Divine Feminine – Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Workshop – January 2019

The lotus ‘represent levels of consciousness, and the fully open flower is associated with the Buddha… Lord Buddha, who is considered “Lotus born”, and Divine Mother with her many names, are shown seated or standing on a lotus, which presents them to us as being beyond human nature.’ Swami Radha (from Hatha Yoga: the Hidden Language)

My Body as a Temple – Workshop – January 2019

Students created a map of their own bodies, explored the power of Yoga asanas, and absorbed the healing benefits of deep relaxation during a nourishing day of self-inquiry and discovery.








Opening the Heart – Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Workshop – February 2018

Wir werden den Vormittag mit der “Verborgenen Sprache von Hatha Yoga” (“Hidden Language Hatha Yoga”) verbringen – eine sanfte und meditative Yogaform, mit deren Hilfe wir die verborgenen Botschaften und die Symbolik der Yoga Asanas erforschen können. Das Yoga verbindet die körperliche Praxis mit persönlichen Reflektionen und Visualisierungen. Yoga-Erfahrungen sind nicht notwendig.

Breath – the Silent Healer 

Für den Nachmittag haben wir einen Workshop zum Atem geplant: “Atem – der stille Heiler”.









An Introduction to Yasodhara Yoga – January 2017

Swami Sukhananda introducing the Divine Light Invocation – a standing meditation practice that Swami Radha brought with her from Rishikesh to the West.



Experience Yasodhara Yoga – a 2-day Workshop

In the mornings you will explore the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga which takes the practice of Hatha Yoga far beyond a series of physical exercises. It is a gentle and meditative style of Hatha that respects the body as a spiritual tool. By reflecting with symbolism and visualization the ‘hidden’ messages of the asanas are revealed.

In the afternoons, you will explore Mantra and Dream Yoga. The benefits of Mantra Yoga include deepening experiences of inner harmony, healing and relaxation. Working with your dreams you will learn how to interpret the messages of your subconscious to help you make changes in your waking life.

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