Our online workshops  and retreats provide  opportunities to get together in many ways for mantra, discussion, asanas and reflection


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Recent Online Yoga


Online day retreat on the theme of “Birth, Death & Re-birth” – Sunday 26 May 2024

with Satsang from the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram

Join us online for a day of yoga and a satsang from the Temple of Light with Swami Sukhananda

Take time to relax, stretch and reflect with your yoga community and practices.

The day will include two workshops, an ashram satsang, and a community cafe to check-in with each other, share your current practice and what you are offering that is open to others.

Join us for the whole day or select the sessions you would like to attend.


A Day of Light for 2024 – 10 February 2024


Click here for details.




Conflict and Resolution: Acknowledging our Difficulties and Moving towards Harmony – An Online Day –  December 2023

Explore the Warrior in you – a Hatha Hidden Language Workshop


Immersion into The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga and Dream Yoga

 July 2023




Dream Yoga  8th July  2023
Where: The Costessey Centre, Longwater Lane, Costessey, Norwich,








YYEN Summer Online Yoga Retreat

with satsang from the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram  – Friday 26 – 27 May 2023

Relax, stretch and reflect with your yoga community and practices. J

Hidden Language with JaneCatherine
Harmony comes when the elements are beautifully blended together. How can you encourage your mind and body to relax and open to a quiet inner self?

Dream Yoga with Jovita & Stine Maria
Dreams are personal creations and as you study them you learn the language of your unconscious. Making your own discoveries is a very joyful process.


An afternoon of deep relaxation.
On Line and In Person – 4 March 2023
What is the key to relaxation? What if there were many, to help you access levels of joy, peace, harmony, healing and even creativity?
Taking Swami Radha’s relaxation method as inspiration, with time to let go and explore ways to find and find the keys to open the doors to deep levels of joy, peace, harmony, healing and creativity.




Annual Meeting and Yoga Weekend – Friday, 27 to Sunday 29 January 2023


We enjoyed two Satsangs and Yoga Workshops together. The Annual General Meeting of the Radha House Association, that helps students with bursaries and grants for yoga Workshops and travel to Yasodhara Ashram had its meeting that weekend.




Still Mind, Peaceful Heart – Saturday January 21st  2023
“Nourishing ourselves on the inside of our very being helps us cope with the complexities and uncertainties of life. How can you make the best of your life…, especially in uncertain times?”
Swami Sivananda Radha




The Tree of Life – a YYEN Online Yoga Retreat with satsang from the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram – Hidden Language Hatha Yoga with Devani and Charline, and Reflection and Relaxation with Danuta – September 2022.

“Yesterday’s reflection with Danuta was incredible. I received so much from the exercise. Thankyou.” Katy, London

Other comments:

“Very enjoyable. Thank you Devani Danuta, Swami Sukhananda and the Ashram team and you too James. A lovely gathering.”

“I had a very nice retreat day!!!”

“For me the Retreat was perfect. Both the morning and the afternoon sessions were well connected, complementing each other in a beautiful way and I received a lot from the day. I feel that when we come together in this way, we certainly attract a very special spiritual committee to help us in our reflections.”

When there is peace in our hearts a sense of freedom and joy radiates out to others.

The YYEN community gathered online for a satsang offered by Swami Sukhananda from the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram followed by a day retreat with classes – attended by students and teachers from England, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Austria, with an especially good turnout from Portugal where students in Braga were celebrating their spring retreat.



Dream Yoga Workshop  – April 2022 – Online with JaneCatherine

Students got in touch with their Higher Selves.

Dream Yoga is the most direct means of learning to understand your self. By combining yoga techniques and practices with an investigation of symbolism, it opens up a dialogue with the unconscious mind to help interpret the messages of your subconscious to create change in your waking life.



Day Retreat – Introduction to the Kundalini System, February 2022 – with JaneCatherine

What do you REALLY know about The Kundalini System? And how can you incorporate that knowledge in your daily life, on a practical basis?

Take time out of your busy life to join us online or in person (limited places available. Location: Norwich, Norfolk) for this Day Retreat and bring your discoveries into your life in an immediate and accessible way. In the morning session, you’ll be introduced to the Kundalini System, and will then have reflective self study time between 12.30-2. During the afternoon session, we dive deeply into the system and discover how to apply what we’ve learned to our daily life in a practical and meaningful way. In this one day retreat workshop, we will be discovering how Yogic practices can help open up these ancient teachings, to bring light and understanding into your daily life. Access the power of the Kundalini system, and open to your creativity and inner wisdom!


Saraswati Workshop -January 2022 –  with Devani

Connect with the goddess Saraswati to refine self-expression and nurture your creativity

“Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music, art and wisdom. The name Saraswati translates to “One Who Flows” in acknowledgement of the original form she took as a river in India. It is said that she transformed to that which is formless to inspire human beings in bringing forth their most creative expressions. Yasodhara Ashram is part of the Saraswati yoga lineage.”






Rebirth: Annual AGM, Satsang and Retreat –   November 2021 –in person in Pakefield or online

Radha House Association, Annual General Meeting – November: 2021 – live on Zoom

Yasodhara Yoga teachers offer their time and experience as Karma Yoga, passing the funds they receive to our small charity and others donate to attend satsangs or to support Yasodhara Ashram. All our funds are dedicated to helping to support the Teachings – bringing the Teachings to you ,or helping students with bursaries or supporting stays at the Ashram.


Satsang from the Temple of Light with Swami Sukhananda – November 2021 – live on Zoom

Chant mantra, sing bhajans, meditate together in this beautiful, sacred space. Prepare your own space, with a candle and a comfortable cushion or chair and join us for an uplifting time together.



Swami Radhananda: a celebration of life – 8 September 2021

Join the YYEN group on 8 September 2021 as we remember Swami Radhananda. With a memorial taking place at Yasodhara Ashram on this day, we will come together to send our collective love and thanks.
It will be a time of honouring her radiant luminosity and her contribution to the Ashram, to each of us, and to the world. Let’s gather together and remember this wise and kind woman who helped so many of us on our way.



Dream Workshop – Saturday, 11 September 2021 – on zoom and in Enfield with Devani


Dreams are a gateway to intuition—sometimes inspiring, always mysterious and often confusing. They carry messages waiting to be opened and understood. What is my next step? What can I learn from a difficult situation? What gives my life meaning? Learn a time-tested method to invite your dream symbols to speak, offering guidance and clear steps to action.



Strength and Flexibility – YYEN Summer Retreat and Satsang from the Temple of Light  July 2021 – Zoom

A day to spend with your yoga practice, supported with suggested refections, coming together to share our insights.

Followed by a Satsang with Swami Sukhananda from the Temple of Light..



Kundalini Yoga: Schritte zur Freiheit, Juin 2021 – Zoom

mit Swami Sukhananda

Kundalini Yoga bietet dir eine symbolische Abbildung deines Geistes. Diese zeigt dir, wie die Yoga Praxis helfen kann, aus deiner inneren Weisheit zu schöpfen und voran zu gehen, unabhängig davon wie gerade die Situation ist. Erforsche die Power des Yoga durch eine Methode der Selbstanalyse und mit Hilfe von Meditationspraktiken, um dein Leben zu transformieren. Jede Wahl die du triffst, jeden Schritt, den du machst kann helfen, Grenzen zu überwinden und dein Potential zu erkennen.


Write Your Life –  July 2021 with Swami Sukhananda

Open to your inner voice in this unique class that combines the practices of Yoga with writing. In a Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga process, you will be guided to reflect on how Hatha poses relate to your mind, body and spirit – and your life. Using Mantra and meditation you will explore the power of Saraswati to unlock your creative potential. Your reflections will then be the seeds of inspiration that blossom in writing exercises that reveal how the story of your life can evolve. Suitable for anyone, whether beginner or experienced with yoga and/or writing.



Spring Retreat – The Miracle of Life – April 2021 – Zoom

A day for joining together from many places.

Reflection with Carol and Jacqueline, Hidden Language: Hatha Yoga with Jovita

Satsang in the Temple of Light with Swami Sukhananda and Niamh

It was wonderful to be together and a special treat to have the ashram with us. (James, England)

I enjoyed the day very much. It is great to be together again in this way. (Jovita, Portugal)

it was a nice energy to be able to experience directly in the temple. (Diva, Netherlands)

an uplifting satsang and a lovely day. Thank you, everyone who made it possible. (Jaqueline, England)

A most relaxing and light hearted day. A day to reflect deeply on the Miracle of Life and how nourishing that is.  I hope that i continue to return to that connection at infinitum.  People’s reflections, and satsang were so inspiring. (Carol, England)

All mysteriously and beautifully connected with the theme. I felt light and refreshed at the end of the day. A very valuable time! (Devani, England)


Daily Morning chanting for Swami Radhananda January through March 2021

Many people joined these session, from Europe and also the rest of the world.

Gratitude and Light!



Love Each Other – Satsang from the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram & online weekend AGM retreat –  November 2020

The theme for our weekend of gathering together this year was Joy is the Gift of Love. Swami Sukhananda started with a live Satsang, with Stine Marie, Niamh, Judith and Francesca assisting – 24 of us participated from 9 countries in our first Transatlantic live Satsang.

We reflected on questions about how we can love one another and stay together to support our growth towards the Light in a world where borders have closed and travel has become more difficult.

These are Swami Radha’s words from her last message: Stay together, love each other, support this work and the Ashram in the spirit it was started, granting each other the freedom to have their personal experience of God. Strengthen your faith, and you will have no need for seeking acceptance by othersOpen the doors of your heart… Be persistent. Suspend judgment and instead, try to understand.

You can view the Satsang here

It really was so special to have satsang from the Temple! And I would like that to happen again. (Jane, England)