Our satsangs, classes, workshops, course and online retreats provide  opportunities to get together in many ways for mantra, discussion, asanas and reflection.

They can be especially supportive while you are staying at home due to the Coronavirus precautions.


Join us for an uplifting time of meditation, songs and reflection. Chant mantras for your friends, family, world peace and any special concerns. A perfect way to start your weekend.

Times: Fortnightly. The next satsang will be on the 5th February 21

Times: Friday mornings 10-10.45 am (London and Lisbon), 11-11.45 am (Berlin and Budapest) [link

Where: By Zoom – often led from England but with the participation musicians, speakers and musicians from a variety of countries.

All welcome, no fee, donations welcomed for our Yoga charity, the Radha House Association Charity no 1057281, which helps people to get to experience yoga at Yasodhara Ashram.

Contact: jane.a@yasodharayoga.org for more information or to provide your email address for the Zoom link to satsang.


Yasodhara Ashram Online Satsangs

For a real treat, go to YouTube for prerecorded satsangs you can enjoy whenever you feel you ready for a top up of Light and joy. Set some time aside anytime to participate in your own satsang at the Temple of Light.

with Swami Lalitananda or Swami Sukhananda and oth




Spring Retreat – The Miracle of Life – Saturday, 24 April 2021 – Zoom

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. Albert Einstein

This is a free flowing day of opportunities to retreat at home in your surroundings. You can join us for as much or as little as will work for you.  Choose the sessions you would like to attend:

Hidden Language: Hatha Yoga with Danuta (Starts 10am London and Lisbon, 11am Berlin and Budapest)

Reflection with Carol and Jacqueline (Starts 2pm London and Lisbon, 3pm Berlin and Budapest).
Give yourself the gift of time to discover what new perspective you wish to create or birth in the Spring. An exploration using the expression of art, reflections, mantra and breath. Enjoy a delicious Yoga Nidra relaxation to set your new focus and end the workshop.

Satsang in the Temple of Light with Swami Sukhananda (Starts 7.30 pm London and Lisbon, 8.30 pm Berlin and Budapest)

Fee: All welcome, pay what you can. Suggested £20 / 20€ for each workshop; class sizes limited.

Contact: James for details

Please have a Journal and a pen for these classes and a mat for the Hidden Language workshop, if you have one.


The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga Workshop, Saturday 22 May 2021

Carol will guide you through a self-nurturing series of yoga asanas, with visualizations and reflections to uncover the mysteries of this great cosmos tree of creation. Step beyond Hatha Yoga, listen to your intelligence from within, experience and deepen your knowledge of the true power and potential of each pose.

When: Saturday 22 May, 10am to 12midday

Contact:  carol.l@yasodharayoga.org or 07595 669206


Other online

Join James for a new online reflection group starting in January 2021, meeting fortnightly. We will start with an exploration of Kundalini Yoga for the West. If you are interested, please let James know: 


When: Mondays fortnightly – Starting 11 January 2021

Contact: James


Regular Classes, Reflection Groups and Satsangs – various languages

Join our online community with teachers and students.

If you want to stay in touch, especially if you would like to participate in reflection and discussion, and would welcome or talk with Yasodhara Yoga teachers and others who have some experience of Yasodhara Yoga, the Dream Groups or the post YDC Online Group are for you!. These offer an opportunity for shared spiritual practices and a way to step back, to address life’s challenges, to find your next steps forward.

We are currently offering on-line opportunities on 3 languages and you will more opportunities by clicking on the link here:



Recent Online Yoga

Daily Morning chanting for Swami Radhananda January through March 2021

Many people joined these session, from Europe and also the rest of the world.

Gratitude and Light!





Love Each Other – Satsang from the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram & online weekend AGM retreat –  November 2020

The theme for our weekend of gathering together this year was Joy is the Gift of Love. Swami Sukhananda started with a live Satsang, with Stine Marie, Niamh, Judith and Francesca assisting – 24 of us participated from 9 countries in our first Transatlantic live Satsang.

We reflected on questions about how we can love one another and stay together to support our growth towards the Light in a world where borders have closed and travel has become more difficult.

These are Swami Radha’s words from her last message: Stay together, love each other, support this work and the Ashram in the spirit it was started, granting each other the freedom to have their personal experience of God. Strengthen your faith, and you will have no need for seeking acceptance by othersOpen the doors of your heart… Be persistent. Suspend judgment and instead, try to understand.

You can view the Satsang here

It really was so special to have satsang from the Temple! And I would like that to happen again. (Jane, England)


Two Weekends of Yoga with the Sivananda Centre, Budapest – October 2020

There is a wisdom in the cells of the body. (Yoga of Healing by Swami Radha)

We took the themes of Yoga and Healing, Gurudasana and 2020 Vision, and My Body as a Temple for a series of workshops over two weekends.

The workshops showed me, that it is possible to look differently at my body. It raised new thoughts in me and the answers on your questions, which I never asked myself, were surprising. I hope I will be able to keep this experience at least for some time, and to have a better relationship with my body. (Budapest, October 2020)


Cultivating Compassion  –  August 2020

Loving Kindness to all.

This two session, three day program, with meditations, discussion sessions, Hatha Yoga asanas and reflective walks in nature, brought together students from Hungary, Portugal, England, Germany and Canada.

First of all thank you for the workshop, it was lovely to connect with you through the net, take a glimpse of the amazing scenery you have from the ashram, and see all the girls from various places in the world! (Melinda, Budapest)