Join us for an uplifting time of meditation, songs and reflection. Chant mantras for your friends, family, world peace and any special concerns. A perfect way to start your weekend.

Date & Times: Fortnightly on Fridays of each month, 10.00am – 7 and 21 August, 4 and 18 September, 2 and 16 October 2020.

Where: By Zoom

All welcome, no fee, donations welcomed for our Yoga charity, the Radha House Association Charity no 1057281, that helps people to get to experience yoga at Yasodhara Ashram.

You can pay Jane via PayPal here or BACS, or pay the Radha House Association directly and she will pass on your donation, or you can Email Jane here for the Radha House Association BACS details
Contact: for more information


Yasodhara Ashram Online Satsangs

For a real treat, set some time aside to participate in your own satsang at the Temple of Light

with Swami Lalitananda or Swami Sukhananda




Classes, Reflection Groups and Workshops – various languages

Join our online community for classes and groups via Skype or Zoom. These provide an opportunity to take a class and may be especially helpful while you are staying at home due to the Coronavirus precautions.

If you want to stay in touch, especially if you would like to participate in reflection and discussion, and would welcome or talk with Yasodhara Yoga teachers and others who have some experience of Yasodhara Yoga, the Dream Groups or the post YDC Online Group are for you!. These offer an opportunity for shared spiritual practices and a way to step back, to address life’s challenges, to find your next steps forward.

You only need a Skype or Zoom account (as appropriate), a private space, your notebook and a pen and, for Hatha Yoga, a mat.

We are currently offering on-line opportunities on 3 languages and you will more opportunities by clicking on the links here:

Dutch: Judith’s Classes

A mix of songs, Mantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga, posted on Tuesdays.

Portuguese: Jovita’s Classes 

Recorded Hatha sessions.

English: Dreams: Maureen’s Group

or Contact: Swami Sukhananda

English: Hatha Yoga: Hidden Language 

Devani’sorJane’s classes

English: Monthly Reflection class with Jane

English: Hatha: Lisa’s Zoom classes

A variety of classes and times available.

English: Jacqueline’s recorded audio sessions

These currently include Grounding Breathing Relaxation.  A session on the Divine Light Invocation will follow shortly, and others…


Yoga development Course (YDC) graduates and Teachers Group

We often work with a theme suggested through the Yasodhara Ashram teachers’ network, such as – abundance, learning, creativity, discrimination, offering, transitions – there is something new every session. At other times, we choose a current theme that is coming up for us in our conversations together. Working in a group allows for enhanced learning through listening to, and sharing with, others.

When: Tuesday evenings 7.30 -8.30 pm UK time – alternate weeks

Where: Anywhere where you can sit quietly and be on-line

Cost: By Donation to the Radha House Association (RHA).

For more information and to join a class:

Contact:   Devani  or Carol



We are all reflecting on what more we can offer online and exploring how best to respond to what our students need. Please, feel free to contact us and let us know what you feel would be helpful.

Contact: Swami Sukhananda