Leipzig is a historic city in Saxony with a central Marktplatz, a Renaissance old town hall that houses the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig, chronicling the city’s history. Composer J.S. Bach is buried in the late-Gothic St. Thomas Church, and more recently, St. Nicholas Church became a meeting point for the “Monday Demonstrations,” which led to the 1989 overthrow of communism. With its new generation of artists and cultural provocateurs Leipzig is becoming one of Germany’s most dynamic and welcoming destinations.





Franziska Anna Leers is trained as social worker (M.A.) and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (AYA). Until recently she worked in a social help centre in Berlin and facilitates participatory workshops for individuals and NGOs all over Germany. She has now. moved with her young family to Leipzig.

Franziska visited Yasodhara Ashram in the winter of 2016 as a Karma Yogi and is interested in bringing Swami Radha’s work to Germany. She has hosted workshops in Berlin and is now looking for opportunities in Leipzig. You can ask her about Dream Yoga and opportunities to cultivate compassion.

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Workshops in the New Year with Swami Sukhananda
14 and 15 January 2020

Swami Sukhananda is returning to Leipzig in the New Year, hosted by Franziska. Keep these evenings free and watch this space for further details as they emerge!



Aims and Intentions –  15 January 2020

What kind of person do I want to be? Discover the Goals and Intentions that your heart is asking for through exploring the Kundalini System: open into a journey of self-discovery. This is a workshop of meditations and reflections to help you set your intentions to make the changes you would like to see in your life. 

More details to follow soon!



Recent Workshops with Swami Sukhananda

Swami Sukhananda visited Leipzig for the first time this January, providing an informal opportunity to meet with students interested in exploring their personal symbolism drawing on the ancient teachings of Yoga.


Dream Yoga Evening – January 2019






Divine Feminine, Discovering the Power Within – January 2019

‘Divine Mother is sometimes though of as being outside of ourselves or as an image in worship. But she really is the power within us. Her many aspects, are given 108 names in India. represent different powers. Four of her main powers are wisdom, strength, harmony and perfection. What would it mean to manifest those for powers in our own lives?’ from Swami Radhananda’s Living the Practice, Collected Writings on the Transformational Potential of Yoga