Haus Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg (between Hanover and Paderborn) is Europe’s largest Yoga Centre, offering over 1,400 programmes each year, plus daily Satsangs, meditations and a range of asana classes in different styles that you can join whether you are registered for a workshop or not. The Ashram provides many opportunities to work on your body, mind and spirit and practice yoga and meditation in a natural setting with like-minded people.

Since 2019, Yasodhara Yoga is among the wide selection of options available.

This location, in the Teutoburger Forest of northern Germany, provides opportunities walks and hikes. And there is a Ganeshe centre for children. The meals are organic and almost completely vegan.  (For more information follow links – in English, and German.)

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Workshops with Swami Sukhananda

Once again Swami Sukhananda’s returns to Bad Meinberg (planned for late 2021) has had to be postponed due to Covid 19 at the Yoga Vidya Ashram. Instead, offered three popular yoga workshops online at Christmas and  into the New Year of 2022,




Satsang with Swami Sukhananda at Bad Meinberg.

Her talk on Ideals and Aims is here:




Recent Workshops with Swami Sukhananda

Lichtmeditation – Online Workshop –Meditation on the Light – Christmas Eve 2021

Yoga und Heilung – Online Workshop – Yoga and Healing for Christmas

Schreibe dein Leben – Online Workshop – Write your Life – Bringing in the New Year


“This workshop was much more than I expected, something very, very special.”

“It touched me deeply.”

“I thought I needed to go to an Ashram, but wisdom came to my house.”

“I want to keep this calmness.”

“Silence is now everywhere – in my home.”


Our online workshops were also offered in English and German in May and June 2021 – a collaboration with Yoga Vidya at Bad Meinberg.





Write your Life –  Schreibe dein Leben  – January 2021 – Zoom with Sukhananda

Sivananda, Der liebende Herr, hat dir ein unschätzbares Geschenk gegeben, ein strahlendes Jahr, rein und klar wie Kristall, ein Jahr voller Möglichkeiten, dich selbst zu perfektionieren und daran zu arbeiten, allen um dich herum zu helfen und sie zu erheben. Kämpfe jeden Moment hart, um dem Ideal näher zu kommen. Bei jedem Schritt, den Sie unternehmen, müssen Sie sich bei jeder Handlung in Richtung Freiheit, in Richtung Wahrheit, in Richtung Licht bewegen. Machen Sie es sich zum Ziel, Liebe auszustrahlen.

Eine Gruppe von 16 Schülern begrüßte das neue Jahr mit zwei Tagen Yoga, Reflexion und vertiefender Praxis.

Sivananda, The loving Lord has given you a priceless gift, a shining year, pure and clear as crystal, a year teeming with opportunities of perfecting yourself as well as working to help and elevate all those around you. Struggle hard every moment to get nearer to the Ideal. Every step you take, through every act you do, you must move towards Freedom, towards Truth, towards Light. Make it a point to radiate love. 

A group of 16 students welcomed in the New Year with two days of yoga, reflection and deepening practice.


Light Meditation – Christmas Eve, Friday 24 December 2020 – Zoom with Sukhananda

Getting into the mood for Christmas in the light of peace, hope, healing and harmony, with the invocation of Divine Light.

Mit der Anrufung des göttlichen Lichts im Licht von Frieden, Hoffnung, Heilung und Harmonie in die Stimmung für Weihnachten kommen.



Yoga of Healing – Yoga und Heilung December 2020 – Zoom with Sukhananda

Cultivating Compassion – Mitgefühl pflegen December 2020 – Zoom



Theme weeks – January 2020










Aims and intentions on the basis of the Kundalini Knowledge –  January 2020







The Hidden Language of Asanas – December 2019 – January 2020







Renewing in the Light, A Standing Meditation Workshop – December 2019 







Satsang with Swami Sukahananda

Her talk is introduced from 1.02.00. Click here:







Steps to Freedom, Kundalini Yoga – 1 – 3 February 2019

Schritte zur Freiheit 






A Week of Exploration – Key Steps in Kundalini Yoga – 3 – 8 February 2019

Themenwoche  “Schlüsselschritte” im Kundalini Yoga


Weekend Course – Writing Your Life – 8 – 10 February 2019

Schreibe dein Leben








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