Yasodhara Yoga European Network

Our network is for teachers and students across Europe. We come together for meetings, events and other activities. Those who are certified teachers offer Yasodhara Yoga in our communities and online. We support one another by giving encouragement, mentoring, through on-line groups, workshops, and Karma Yoga opportunities throughout the year.

Our History

The network has grown over the years, from its beginnings in Canterbury, England, where we started offering classes in 1989. The first Radha House opened there in 1990 and soon after, we started offering classes in Austria and Spain. We also started to sell Swami Radha’s books more widely, attending the Body Mind and Spirit annual fare in London and the Frankfurt book fare where publishers began to take up her books and translate them into German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish. Radha Centres were opened in London and SW France a few years later.

Our Retreat Centre was established in 2003 on the Suffolk coast in England and the Braga Yoga Centre in Portugal joined our network became affiliated soon after.

In 2014, in line with our fellow yoga teachers and centres in Canada and the USA, we renamed ourselves the Yasodhara Yoga European Network, to reflect the fact that are an informal network of teachers and students whose spiritual home is Yasodhara Ashram in Canada.

Get involved!

We invite you to participate in the city, town or village where you live by attending our classes, workshops and events, and don’t forget to let others know about activities in your area. There are also opportunities to help in other ways. How about inviting a visiting teacher to your community to facilitate a workshop? Have you thought about becoming a teacher yourself? Or, if you are trained in a different tradition, exploring the possibilities for deepening your practice and teaching?


From time to time, especially when there is an Outreach Tour with a visiting teacher from the Yasodhara Ashram, we send out a newsletter with information on what happening. for more information and to sign up to receive this, please Click here