Swami Sukhananda’s Tour December 2019- April 2020

We are very happy to announce that, in response to popular demand, Swami Sukhananda has returned. She offered workshops in London at the beginning of December and in Germany over Christmas and the New Year. For the first time also, Swami Matananada also joined her in Bad Meinberg in the New Year.

Swami Sukhananda has some other dates for winter workshops already arranged in England, Hungary, Eire and Portugal.

Get in touch with her directly if you would like her to visit a Yoga studio near you or participate in a Yoga conference or other event.

Contact: Swami Sukhananda



Centro de Yoga de Braga – Celebrating its 16th Anniversary – Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Sixteen years of Yoga in central Braga – Yoga, Light and refreshments.

Contact: Jovita: geral@cybraga.com +351938423986




Sivananda orangeSwami Sivananda of Rishikesh’s birthday is celebrated usually with a puja or special satsang,on September 8th by Yoga centres throughout the world in the Saraswati lineage, including those founded by Venkatesananda and Vishnu Devananda as well as our own, Swami Sivananda Radha.




SR photo with flowersThe anniversary of Swami Radha taking initiation is celebrated on February 2nd each year with satsangs, pujas and reflections on gratitude for her commitment.

Swami Radha’s Birthday is celebrated on 20 March.

We remember Swami Radha’s passing each year on November 30th with reflections on her life, its influence on our own and reflections on our own personal and spiritual victories. It is also traditional to mark the passing of a guru with a Bandhara – students getting together for a celebratory meal.


Radhananda Dec2015Swami Radhananda, successor to Swami Radha and longtime President of Yasodhara Ashram, is now the Spiritual Director of our lineage. Each year we recognize her dedication and commitment on her birthday, February 4th.



Sw Lal June2015In early May each year, coinciding with the Yasodhara Ashram AGM, we celebrate Swami Lalitananda’s succession as President of Yasodhara Ashram. Swami Lalitananda is the Ashram’s second President since the founder, Swami Radha, passed away. And she is leading the process of building the Ashram’s new Temple.






An uplifting hour of Mantra, Meditation, Reflection and Bhajans.

Ask your local teacher about satsangs near you.


Previous Events

Radha House Association Annual General Meeting –  25 January 2020


Tea and cakes between workshops on England’s east coast.





Escorted trip to Yasodhara Ashram – October 2019

Jane Aldiss escorted a trip to Yasodhara Ashram, in British Columbia, for the October for the 10 Days Yoga Journey. A wonderful, life enhancing experience for all those who participated, including 3 from Norfolk, plus students from France, Germany, Switzerland and Latvia and a pilgrimage group from Alaska. All of the European students stayed on after their course to experience community life and Karma Yoga.



AGM – 2018,  November, London










Celebration of Swami Radha’s Birthday, Pakefield, Suffolk Coast

Chanting and chocolate cake to honour Swami Radha and her Teachings. March 2018.




AGM – 2017,  21 October, London








Dream Yoga Workshop in Malmsbury, Wiltshire, September 2017

In aid of the Maybe Charity (supporting mental health provision)

Your dreams can bring to life your latent creative nature.  Recognise the deep personal guiding wisdom available to you.

Led by Carol Lucis,


European Temple Fundraiser – a European shared initiative!

Learn more about the vision and progress from Swami Lalitananda at the Ashram by clicking here.

The new Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram is now open for daily Satsangs and many celebrations and events. Great job everyone and many thanks for all of your contributions and for the delightful activities and events you organized to help us make this beautiful dream into an incredible reality. http://www.yasodhara.org



Yasodhara Yoga in Cork, Eire – July 2017

Karen Squires, a Yasodhara Yoga teacher originally from Scotland offered two workshops – Hatha Yoga, the Hidden Language  and Dream Yoga




Yasodhara Yoga European Network gathering in London, April 2017

A time for sharing our stories, a healthy lunch, satsang and our dreams. In the afternoon we indulged in tea and cake, then some of us rounded off a full day with an Indian meal in Brick Lane.












Summer Garden Tea Party

Canterbury, England

Celebrating summer and another splendid year of yoga with a tea party -home-made savouries, cakes and scones, music, fun and games, in Carol’s garden in Rough Common, near Canterbury.

Date: August 28, 2016




Summer retreat 2016 in Suffolk, England – Mantra, Meditation and Dreams

An opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom, to explore your own language of the heart. Journalling, art,chanting, meditation.

Led by Yasodhara Yoga teachers.

See https://yasodharayoga.org/europe/pakefield/



Lifeseals in Caudet, Gers, France








AGM 2016 – Saturday 22nd October 

We welcomed Jovita onto the Board and gave Natalie an introduction to London.





AGM 2015 –  Saturday 31st October  

Swami Sukhananda joined us this autumn for her first European tour from Yasodhara Ashram, Canada. She was present at the AGM.