Reflections on Transitions Workshop

Do I want to evolve and grow? Would I like to replace old re-acting patterns based on insecurity and emotions with insightful knowing which feed confidence and self-empowerment?   The Transitions workshop showed me the old painful patterns and then offered me healing alternatives.

I experienced this two-day workshop as a peaceful space where I was skillfully guided towards connecting with my own inner wisdom.

The first day opened understanding compassion and healing around early childhood illnesses. I had been unaware of the powerful influence these life-threatening illnesses had been on my being. I am now able to recognise the deep insecurities and feelings of helplessness that were born during that time.  When these feelings arise now I can treat myself with love instead of negative and destructive judgment. The second day brought greater clarity to the next steps I need to take in order to evolve and grow as I wish.


Thank you to Jacqueline for her humour and gentle guidance and to Elizabeth and Jovita for a shared and joyful journey.