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Recent Workshops

A Yoga Weekend with Swami Sukhananda – Introduction to Yasodhara Yoga – December 2018

At the Yoga Mill in Galashiels, hosted by Cheryl James

Opening your Hips and Opening your Heart

What are the messages from your hips and heart? Hidden Language Hatha Yoga takes the practice of Yoga far beyond a series of physical exercises.



An Introduction to the Divine Light Invocation: a Standing Meditation

The Divine Light Invocation is a powerful tool for transformation, concentration and healing. Harness the potential of the Light within to build a bridge to your own inner wisdom.



Turning my World Upside Down: A Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Workshop

Our views are based on the familiar ways we experience our world. We are accustomed to routines and to seeing our life, our work and our families in certain ways. But what happens if you look at the world from upside down? How does the mind react?


Mantra Yoga and Satsang 

A peaceful and uplifting time of Mantra and meditation to conclude the second day.