AGM and Swami Sukhananda visit

Radha House Association and Yasodhara Yoga European Network



Dear Yasodhara Yoga practitioner,

You are invited to our

Annual General Meeting on Saturday 31st October 2 – 3.30pm

at St Saviour’s Priory, 18 Queensbridge Rd., Hackney, London E2 8NS.

Prior to the meeting there will be a Hidden Language Hatha Yoga class 10.30-12, followed by lunch. (Yoga & lunch £15).  Whether you can make the meeting or not, you are most welcome to participate in morning yoga and lunch. A satsang will be held after the AGM from 4-4.45pm. (Cost of whole day £20)

BOOK:   07939 066810.


We are fortunate to have Swami Sukhananda visiting Europe this autumn as she will be present at the AGM.



USEFUL INFORMATION: Who we are and what we do and why we need your input.

Radha House Association is a charity which supports the work of the Yasodhara Yoga European Network in promoting the teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha. One of the ways the charity does this is to offer bursaries to those seeking to deepen their yoga studies so they can attend courses/workshops in European Yasodhara Yoga Centres and at Yasodhara Ashram, Canada.

The charity currently has a Board comprising President/Secretary and Vice-President/Treasurer. The Board is required to meet and minute those meetings at least twice a year.  The work of the charity is overseen by two Trustees. We have one annual legal duty which is to present our accounts to the charity commission.


Yasodhara Yoga European Network is a network of Yasodhara Yoga teachers and practitioners who share and practice Yasodhara yoga or support Swami Radha’s teachings in other ways, such as, compiling a monthly prayer list, updating our website/facebook presence, attending the AGM to help direct our course over the coming year. We are a small group and welcome fresh ideas and enthusiasm so please come along and meet yoga teachers and practitioners and share the day with like-minded people.