Swami Sukhananda’s fourth European tour began in London on 17 November 2018 with a day of yoga and the AGM of the Radha House Association, followed by a London workshop on the Yoga of Healing. She has also visited Scotland, Eire and the East of England for 2018 and will be in for Germany in the New Year with a series of workshops and talks in Leipzig, Berlin, Bad Meinberg and Allgau. 

See the programme below and follow the links for further details.

If you would like something to happen in your area for spring 2019, please contact Sukhananda by email with your ideas.  Click here to view a flyer (PDF) to learn more about the kinds of workshops, retreats and events possible.


I am very grateful for you, to have brought this fantastic, practical, loving method to us.Thank you! Hope to have you back next year!

– Mariann April 2018 (Budapest)

I wanted to thank you for bringing not just Life Seals but also the Ashram to Canterbury.

– Jacqueline, May 2018 (Canterbury)

An incredible weekend. Thank you for visiting again Swami Sukhananda. I have had wonderful feedback from students. 

I know I speak not only for myself, but for others that we would love you to come back when you next visit if possible.

– Lisa, May 2018 (Gosport)


Suffolk Coast, England – Retreat Weekend Friday 14 to Sunday 16 December 

Kundalini Yoga: Bringing it all Together at the 6th Chakra – Saturday 15 December

In this workshop you will use a variety of practices, including mantra, visualization, and reflection, for a better understanding of how these work. Discover how you can gather together and access your wisdom and true knowledge, and apply understanding in your life today.

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Berlin – Two days of Yoga – Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 January

Sukhananda will be at the Bodhicharya Centre in Friedrichshain.

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Leipzig, Germany – Yoga Evenings – Tuesday 15  and Wednesday 16 January

Two evenings to explore your personal symbolism, learning about the language of the subconscious to discover its messages. On Tuesday, you will work with a recent dream to unlock the symbolic workings of your dreaming mind. On Wednesday, you will find out about the Divine Feminine power in your daily actions, in your speech, your caring and growing awareness.

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Allgau, Maria Rain, Bavaria – Yoga Symbolism and Self-Exploration – 20 – 25 January 

Five days with Hatha Yoga Hidden Language in the mornings followed by Kundalini Yoga in the afternoons.

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Bad Meinberg, Germany – Steps to Freedom, Kundalini Yoga – 1 – 3 February

Each choice you make, each step you take, can help you overcome limitations and bring you closer to your potential.


A Week of Talks – Key Steps in Kundalini Yoga – 3 – 8 February

How do we apply our understanding of the Kundalini System effectively in daily life? These talks will include practices, reflection and group discussion. You are asked to bring your journals and pens to each talk.

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Weekend Course – Writing Your Life – 8 – 10 February

In a Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga process, you will be guided to reflect on how Hatha poses relate to your mind, body and spirit – and your life.  Using Mantra and Meditation you will explore the power of Saraswati to unlock your creative potential.

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Braga, Portugal – Yoga Powers Unleashed by Yoga – Friday 22 February to Sunday 24 February 2019 

Kundalini Yoga is the path to freedom and quite often misunderstood in the west. The Kundalini System is represented symbolically with the 7 chakras or energy wheels. These respond to our experiences and allow us to direct our energy to create our life. How do you want to direct this energy?

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Canterbury – A Weekend  of Yasodhara Yoga  – Saturday, 30 March and Sunday 31 March 2019 

A long-time visitor and teacher in Canterbury Swami Sukhananda returns to offer The Tree of Life, and My Body as a Temple. These nourishing days of self-inquiry, reflection and asanas help you to experience your body as the vehicle for your spiritual growth, well-being and ease of body and mind.

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London, Steps to Freedom: Kundalini Yoga – Saturday 6 April 2019
Understanding the Kundalini System can help you move forward in your daily life. Kundalini Yoga is the path to freedom.of life you want to live. Wisdom arises from knowing yourself deeply, setting your course, opening to inner luminosity.

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Other dates for 2019:

Hungary tbc  27 February – 19 March

Gosport tbc April


The 4th Tour has begun – Highlights so far


Cork, Eire – Two Days of Yasodhara Yoga December 2018


Galashiels, Scotland – A Yoga Weekend Introduction to Yasodhara Yoga – December

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AGM Gathering – Hackney, London and Yoga of Healing – Shoreditch, London – November 2018


Thanks so much for the weekend in London. It was transformational for me, and I got back… feeling up beat and positive for the first time in months.Jane



Highlights from the 3rd Tour

Swami Sukhananda’s third tour began with a visit to Braga, Portugal to celebrate the 14th Anniversary of the opening of the Centro de Yoga de Braga. Workshops ranged widely, from Transitions to Relaxation, Life Seals and Dream Yoga, reaching out to students in London, East Anglia, Berlin, Gosport, Bavaria, Budapest, and Canterbury. 

Gosport Weekend – May 2018


Relaxation Evening Friday  

Opening the Hips and Opening the Heart:  Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Saturday Workshop


Dream Yoga Workshop

Exploring a recent dream to unlock the symbolic workings of our dreaming minds. Learning about the language of the subconscious to discover its messages. This deep personal guiding wisdom is always available.
Followed by Kirtan, Satsang and a video of the new Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram



Weekend Workshop – Life Seals – April 2018 – Canterbury, Kent, England

A unique opportunity to use personal symbolism and a range of yoga meditations and other practices to embark upon a profound exploration.

Canterbury Yoga Studio




Budapest Weekend – April, 2018

Kundalini Yoga – Relaxation and the Play of Siva and Shakti Energy

Accessing Shakti Power – the Devi of Speech

Using the Kundalini System to Create your own World

The Sivananda Centre, Budapest



Transitions: Embracing Change – April 2018 – Budapest

How yoga can support you in times of ending and beginning, change and transition?





My Body as a Temple – April – London

A day to connect with your body as a sacred space and hear its messages.



Transitions Workshop – February 2018 – Berlin, Germany

Yoga to support you in times of ending and beginning, change and transition. . Working with reflective tools — such as writing and drawing — and spiritual practices, prepare for change, access strength during transition and clarify options for your next steps.

A day of Yoga  Berlin 

Opening the Heart: Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Workshop

A morning of asanas, stretch and reflection

Breath – the Silent Healer

In the afternoon Pranayama and silence was followed by Satsang.










Kundalini Yoga: What is my Responsibility? – February 2018 –  Suffolk coast, England 

The 5th Chakra is often described as the gateway to liberation. It is also the seat of the ego.



A Day of Yoga at the Priory, Hackney, London –  January 2018

Opening the Hips and Opening the Heart: Hatha Yoga Workshop

What are the messages from your hips and heart? Gentle stretches to increase flexibility and well-being. Exploring poses in depth. through a reflective approach that helps us to understand the language of the body and to unlock the symbolic and hidden messages of each asana.

Dream Yoga Workshop

Exploring a recent dream to unlock the symbolic workings of our dreaming minds. Learning about the language of the subconscious to discover its messages. This deep personal guiding wisdom is always available.







Allgau Ashram Visit

Talks and Hidden Language Hatha Yoga in this beautifully located Vydia Yoga Ashram in Bavarian.

From 29 January to 1 February 2018 – in English, and German









The Powers of the Chakras Workshops – December 2017  

Braga, Portugal

We already have tremendous powers. How do we use them now? Through our practices we can awaken to inner wisdom, increase awareness and learn to live our lives more joyously and fully.







Winter Equinox: Celebration of the Light Returning  

This flexible celebration will include the opportunity to take a few days of self-nurture, retreat and rest. Recharge your batteries! Attend satsangs and participate in the Divine Light Invocation Workshop

Divine Light Invocation Workshop

How can you bring Light into the dark days of winter? The Divine Light Invocation is a powerful tool for transformation, concentration and healing brought to the west by Swami Sivananda Radha.


Some Highlights of the Second Tour:

Budapest, Hungary

22-23 March 2017, Life Seals

Contact: Swami Sukhananda

24 March 2017, Breath – the Silent Work

25-6 March 2017, Kundalini Yoga – Pathway to the Heart

Contact: for the Breath and Kundalini Workshops click here.


Norfolk, England

10-16 March 2017, Yasodhara Yoga Teachers’ Convention

Contact: Jane



Suffolk, England

26 November 2016, Kundalini Yoga – Energy, Choice and Awareness

28 January 2017, Kundalini Yoga – Energy, Imagination and Self-Image

18 March 2017, Kundalini Yoga –  Passion, Creativity and Energy

8 April 2017, Kundalini Yoga –  Energy and Your Heart’s Desire


Berlin, Germany

2 December 2016, Introduction to Yasodhara Yoga 

3-4 December 2016, Experience Yasodhara Yoga

6 January 2017, Introduction to Yasodhara Yoga 

7-8 January 2017. Experience Yasodhara Yoga

Contact: Franziska 


hatha-legsHackney London 

21 January 2017, Hidden Language with Swami Sukhananda

21 January 2017, Conscious Living in Times of Change

1 April.2017, Interpret your own Dream

Contact: Elizabeth


Gosport, Hampshire

28 April 2017, An Introduction to the Divine Light Invocation

29 April 2017, Yoga, Expanding Awareness and your 5 Senses

Contact : Lisa



Canterbury, England 

4 February 2017, Hidden Language Day – Path to Awareness 

5 February 2017, Stilling the Mind

6 February 2017, Introduction to Yasodhara Yoga 

Contact: Carol


Braga, Portugal

9 February, 2017, Dreams

10 February, 2017, Conscious Living in Times of Change

11-12 February, 2017, Transitions

Contact: Jovita


Some earlier Workshops by Swami Sukhananda – spring 2016

dogs beach sunrise:setMantra, Meditation and Relaxation – April 2016

a day on the Suffolk Coast with Swami Sukhananda

Practices include Mantra Yoga, Pranayama, Relaxation, Concentration and Reflection to help you unwind and enjoy a relaxing day. Tune into your inner self to find peace and Light within.



Life Seals – March 2016 – Caudet, Gers  SW France




compassion water heart

Canterbury, Kent, England

Cultivating Compassion

Hidden Language hatha yoga, self inquiry, meditation, journalling.

with Swam Sukhananda

Sheffield class

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.57.03 AM