30-lalitananda-imagechildCanterbury has a long tradition of Yasodhara Yoga, with classes being offered since 1989.

Teachers Carol Lucis and Jacqueline Summer now keep the tradition alive by offering weekly Yoga classes, and satsangs in Canterbury and monthly Hidden Language Hatha Yoga classes in Chartham, as well as a variety of Kundalini, Dream yoga and Hidden Language Hatha Yoga workshops (see below).

From time to time there are also special opportunities to attend workshops in Canterbury led by visiting teachers from Yasodhara Ashram.            



Candle handsSatsang is the time of gathering together in devotion and prayer. Join us twice a month on Sunday evening at satsang for bhajans, mantras and inspirational readings and talks.

When: Sundays 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. everyone welcome.

Contact; carol.l@yasodharayoga.org or 07595669206  if you would like to attend.

Cost: all welcome, no fee, donations welcomed for New Temple Fund at Yasodhara Ashram

In Sanskrit, Sat = true, sanga = company, satsang is often translated as ‘in the company of the wise



Yasodhara Yoga Weekend in with Swami Sukhananda – March 2019

We welcome Swami Sukhananda’s return to Canterbury from her Ashram in BC, Canada and invite you to a weekend of Yoga exploring the insightful tradition established by Swami Radha. Her gentle, yet profound, approach  will leave you restored, revitalized and inspired.



The Tree of Life: A Hatha Yoga Hidden Language Workshop – Saturday, 30 March 2019 

Swami Sukhananda will guide you you through a self-nurturing series of yoga asanas, with visualizations and reflections to uncover the mysteries of this great cosmos tree of creation. Step beyond Hatha Yoga, listen to your intelligence from within, experience and deepen your knowledge of the true power and potential of each pose.  Cost £70

When: 10.30 am – 4.30 pm, Saturday, 30 March

Cost: £70

Where: Canterbury Yoga Studio, Summer Hill, Harbledown, CT2 8NH

Contact: jacquelinesummer4@gmail.com 07939 066810 or 01227 732189


My Body as a Temple – Sunday, 31 March 2019

Connect with your body as a sacred space and listen to its messages. You will create a map of your body, discover the power of Yoga asanas, and absorb the healing benefits of deep relaxation. Learn to honour and respect your body as a temple.
This nourishing day of self-inquiry is a safe place for exploring and translating your insights into practical clear directions. Experience your body as the vehicle for your spiritual growth, well-being and ease of body and mind.

When: 10 .30 am – 4.30  pm, Sunday, 31 March

Cost: £70

Where: Canterbury Yoga Studio, Summer Hill, Harbledown, CT2 8NH

Contact: jacquelinesummer4@gmail.com  07939 066810 or 01227 732189

Open to students and teachers of all levels and approaches to yoga.
Bring your journal both days.

Register for both days £120 (£110 for members)

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FRIDAYS Monthly  – Hidden Language Hatha Yoga with Jacqueline Summer

Yoga that encourages self acceptance, through gentle, reflective work. Movement with awareness and connecting with the meaning of the poses to give practical guidance for daily life. Your opportunity to increase physical/mental flexibility and well being.

When:  First Friday of month: 11.30am -1pm  14th Sept., 12th Oct., 16th Nov., 7th Dec

Where: Gingerbread House,Chartham, Near Canterbury CT4 7QY.

Cost: £12 per session. Advance booking essential.

Contact:   jacqueline.s@yasodharayoga.org or 07939 066810

For more information, go to Jacqueline’s blog spot


MONDAYS Weekly  –  Hatha for Total Wellbeing with Carol Lucis

‘It is not how far you stretch that is important but the quality of attention you give to the movement.’ Gentle yoga for people of all ages & abilities. Strengthen your body, develop/maintain flexibility, learn simple meditation & breathing techniques and enjoy relaxation!

When: Monday:  5.30pm to  6.45pm, 10th September to Wednesday 12th December 2018

Where: Concorde House Clinic, Stour St, Canterbury  http://www.concordehouseclinic.co.uk/

Cost: £10 drop in £48  for 6 classes in advance (concessions available according to need)

Contact:  carol.l@yasodharayoga.org  or 07595669206


WEDNESDAYS Weekly- Hatha with Carol

Incorporating simple breathing techniques, asanas and deep Yoga Nidra relaxation

When: 10.30am to 12 Midday   

Where: The Garden Yoga Studio, Rough Common, Canterbury

Cost:        £10 drop in or £48 for 6 classes  in advance (concessions available)

Contact:  carol.l@yasodharayoga.org  or 07595669206


SATURDAYS  Weekly – Early morning wake up practice – with Carol

When: 7.30am to 8.45am

Where: Garden Yoga Studio,  Rough Common Rd, Canterbury

Cost: £10 drop in or £48 for 6 sessions  (concessions available)

Contact:  carol.l@yasodharayoga.org  or 07595669206



THURSDAYS  – Vibration and the Body with Carol

 The practice of yoga can go far beyond a series of physical exercises.  These classes will explore the effect on the body and mind when mantra and hatha are brought together.  The result is a deeper more meditative style of hatha yoga.

When:   6.15pm to 7.45pm

Where: Garden Yoga Studio,  Rough Common Rd, Canterbury

Cost: £10 drop in or £48 for 6 sessions  (concessions available)

Contact:  carol.l@yasodharayoga.org  or 07595669206



Yasodhara Yoga Teachers in Canterbury

Jacqueline Summer teacher-jacquelineI first encountered Swami Radha’s teachings of yoga in 2003 at a Hidden Language Hatha Yoga class. I went on to train as a Yasodhara Yoga teacher, taking the Yoga Development Course at Yasodhara Ashram in 2008 and receiving teacher certification in Kundalini, Dream Yoga and Hidden Language Hatha Yoga in 2010.  http://www.yasodhara.org/ I renewed my training in Summer 2014 and will refresh it again this Summer 2018. I have found Yasodhara Yoga to be a grounded and practical way of honouring the spiritual in everyday life. I have also taught Meditation & Mindfulness through Adult Education. I hold a Diploma to teach 14 years plus, a Diploma in Social Work and a BA in Fine Art.


Carol Lucis teacher-carolYasodhara yoga has been a prominent part of my life since 1994 when I was introduced to Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga and dream interpretation. I was impressed by the practical, life enriching tools that were offered to me in the classes. Yasodhara Yoga  http://www.yasodhara.org/ has enhanced my life in every way. Swami Radha’s profound wisdom and compassion has formed the inspiration to make the much needed changes that were necessary in order to bring greater peace and joy into my life. I wish to offer to others the opportunity to experience that same wisdom. I completed my initial training as a Yasodhara Yoga teacher in 1997. Then in 1998 I returned to complete the Hidden Language, Dreams and Kundalini teacher training. Since then I have been returning regularly to the ashram to update my training and connect with other yoginis from all over the world. I returned to the ashram for extended stays of over 6 months in 2008 and again in 2015/16 in order to deepen my yoga practice and commitment.


Contact us for more information.

Carol Lucis
07595 669206

Jacqueline Summer
07939 066810 or 01227 732189


Recent Workshops/Retreats/Events

Movement, Mantra, Meditation – September 2018

How these  practices enhance the others.



Exploring Time – September 2018

We experience time in different ways. How can we make peace with time and experience the expansion promised by that?  Exploring the latest scientific discoveries and yogic teachings relating to time and deepen our understanding.










Life Seals Workshop – April 2018

This signature workshop, led by Swami Sukhananda, gave students a unique opportunity to embark upon a profound exploration of Yoga and their own potential, creating personal symbols which allowed the unconscious to come forward.  Then, using yogic practices of meditation, reflection, mantra and pranayama to enter into those seals to reveal patterns, life lessons and potential for change.

a fantastic weekend … on all sorts of levels‘ Hilary


Yoga of Healing Workshop – July and November 2017 

What is it that heals?  Is healing a power of the mind?  Or the heart?  Or is healing by Divine Grace?

There is no simple or direct answer as each person’s experience will be different. What are the messages that arise when you take the time to be caring and attentive to yourself?   Healing is a learning process. Find out what is in disharmony and bring it back into harmony.


Dream Yoga – 2017

Ever wondered about the meaning of your dreams?  By combining yoga techniques and practices together with an investigation of symbofull moonlism, dream yoga offers the opportunity to open up a dialogue with the unconscious mind. It is a detailed method of interpreting the messages of your subconscious to create change in your waking life.

Dreams are personal creations, study them and learn the language of your unconscious. Making your own discoveries is a very encouraging and joyful process.  By finding answers within, self-confidence strength and clarity  can emerge.


Exploring Mind and Consciousness through the Kundalini System – May 2017


The Kundalini System is represented symbolically with the 7 chakras, or energy wheels. These respond to our experiences in life. What are they turning and churning up in your life? How do you want to direct this energy? Discover how to harness the latent power within and create the kind of life you want to live. Wisdom arises from knowing yourself deeply, setting your course, opening to inner luminosity. What is possible?


Inner life of Asanas  – going deeper with Hatha Yoga – May 2017


A step beyond Hatha Yoga, listen to the intelligence  within.

An opportunity to experience and deepen your knowledge of the true power and mystical potential of each pose, using this knowledge to bring quality to your everyday.



Workshops with Swami Sukhananda – February 2017

The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga at the Canterbury Yoga Studio, Summer Hill

Stilling the Mind, at the Garden Studio, Rough Common 





Introduction to Yasodhara 

Swami Sukhananda introduced the Divine Light Invocation – a standing meditation practice that Swami Sivananda Radha brought to the West from India. The evening also included images and talk about Swami Radha and Yasodhara Ashram with its amazing new Temple of Light, in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia.



Kentish Garden Tea Party – Rough Common, April 2016

Celebrate the building of our new temple at Yasodhara Ashram at this Kentish tea party. There will be  home made savouries, cakes and scones, a variety of teas, coffee, soft drink and Pimms. There will be music, fun and games available with table quizzes for the adults and party games for the children and also a bring and buy book stall.





Inner Life of Asanas  – Moving into Stillness – September 2016

Going further into your practice of Yoga. Deepening your knowledge of your body and mind and how they can work together to bring forward greater wisdom and understanding in your life .



Dream Yoga – The Garden Yoga Studio, Rough Common, October 2016

What do our dreams mean? What is our unique language of personal symbols and how can understanding them lead to greater awareness and choice in our daily lives? Discover the possibilities in a warm and supportive study group using the yoga teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha.