The constitution is:

  1. to promote and further the yogic teachings as interpreted by Swami Sivananda Radha;
  2. to support and promote the ethics of yoga, including honesty, integrity, moral conduct, non-injury, non-greed, loyalty, clarity of motivation, dedication of the ideals of spiritual life and consideration for others;
  3. to promote and establish Yasodhara Yoga Centres which shall be under the management and direction of teachers trained and certified by the Yasodhara Ashram Society, for the purposes of the association;
  4. to ensure that a spirit of open intellectual and spiritual enquiry, as well as practical instruction in and opportunities for religious and spiritual practices, are present in Yasodhara Yoga Centres and associated societies, in keeping with the spiritual ideals and ethical ideas of Swami Sivananda Radha;
  5. to support and cooperate with all persons, groups or organizations having similar, or concomitant, aims, views or objects.