Membership is open to anyone who has experienced the benefits of Yasodhara Yoga and wishes to support the mission of this work – to make these teachings available to people across Europe, supporting the potential of transformation in each person who participates.

Members of the Association stand for ideals that lift us beyond daily survival. As a member, you are saying that you support this vision – a vision of harmony, of Light, of peace among the peoples and religions of the world. We are committed to bringing out the best in ourselves and each other, and to care for the Earth, leaving the world a better place than when we entered.

You can become a member by contacting us. Membership is very ‘light touch’. We will let you know about our Annual General Meeting, which generally takes place in London each autumn, and we may contact you from time to time if there is something happening of particular interest to Association Members. There is no membership fee and there is no obligation to donate or to attend anything, though there are many ways you can help by offering your time or making a donation.