Stilling the Mind

By Swami Yasodananda   This is a good time of year to slow down and let the mind go inward. There is a balance needed between activity and stillness. The seasons give hints about how to find that balance in … Continued

Why I Choose to Chant

By Sheila Thomsen Originally posted July 29, 2022   Mantra is a spiritual practice. The vibrations go out into the world for the benefit of others. This last week I was reminded how this simple chanting, alone or in company, is … Continued

Self-Awareness Is a Process

By Deborah Cano Originally posted April 12, 2022   I was looking for something. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I did know it needed to be spiritual and to keep my attention. Something about yoga kept drawing me back. … Continued


By Lakshmi Originally published March 18, 2022   It doesn’t pay to skip my workout routine. This morning I awaken and ponder whether this is my three-times-a-week exercise day. I don’t really want to do it, but have nothing I have … Continued


By Swami Yasodananda Originally posted February 18, 2022   Scary words? Often, we may think of things like conflict, losing out, giving up, when considering what letting go or surrender means. The meaning of these words tends to be deeply rooted … Continued

Easing Fatigue in Body & Mind

By Swami Yasodananda Originally posted August 6, 2021   In this summer of extensive heat there can be a growing fatigue in both body and mind. Using the tools of stretching, breath awareness, and relaxation can help alleviate this discomfort. We … Continued

Meeting the Challenges of the Day

By Lakshmi Originally posted July 19, 2021   There are so many challenges lately, especially with the pandemic and the heat. With the pandemic on the decline, my mind turns to going out, visiting friends and family, traveling. I don’t want … Continued

Reflecting On Where I Am Now

By Lakshmi Originally posted June 9, 2021   “As you work with reflection, you begin to see your life with a new kind of perspective – not what you’ve done wrong but what you are learning. And if you can remember … Continued

Thoughts On Opening My Heart

By Swami Yasodananda Originally posted April 28, 2021   I’ve read stories and biographies of people who are considered to be saintly, to have a passion for the Divine. Most of those stories were inspiring and got me thinking about what … Continued