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Hope for the Holidays

Workshop ONLINE via Zoom with Sheila Thomsen

When: Saturday, December 12

Time: 10:00 am – noon PST

Cost: $19


Join us in this wonderful opportunity to reflect and connect around the holidays! In this “Hidden Language Hatha Yoga” workshop, we will shift our focus to the deeper meaning of the holidays, that which is perennial and goes beyond tradition. We will explore the theme of letting go…of expectations…of the idea that for things to be okay, they have to be the way they’ve always been. Working with yoga poses, breath, relaxation and reflection, we will have the opportunity to discover how letting go can open us to new experiences of joy.

Have a journal or notebook available for recording your observations.

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for stretching.

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Relax Your Body, Relax Your Mind

Classes ONLINE via Zoom with Swami Yasodananda

When: Thursdays, December 3 & 10

Time: 4:15 – 5:30 pm PST

Cost: $22 for both classes or $12 for single class


“Relaxation is the first step to surrender. If I breathe and relax my body, I tune into another rhythm of life. There is something bigger happening – something living and breathing, like the moon and the tides, the days and nights, and the seasons. As I relax I gain an awareness, too, that I’m being supported and looked after.”
~ Swami Radhananda,
Living the Practice


Relaxation is essential for promoting good health and personal well-being. In these classes, we will explore the physical and mental elements of relaxation and ways to release tension held in both the body and the mind. Each class will include hatha yoga stretching and reflection. You may take one class or both classes.

Have a journal or notebook available for recording your observations.

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for stretching.

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Aging in Changing Times

4 weekly classes ONLINE via Zoom with Lakshmi

When: Saturdays, November 7, 14, 21 & 28

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am PST

Cost: $40 for 4-class series


Life is always changing, yet these changes seem especially stressful in today’s world with COVID, politics, climate change and personal challenges.

“How do we maintain a position of steadiness? When we look outward at situations in the world, we often feel that we have no control, no ability to effect change. But we can go back to changing our world within – where we do have the ability to change. We can change how we use our intellect and emotions so that we are not swept up by outside forces. When we harness the emotions and intellect, we can gather facts and mobilize ourselves to actions rather than getting stuck in reactions.”
~ Swami Radhananda,
Living the Practice: Collected Writings on the Transformative Potential of Yoga

In the midst of these stressful times, we continue to age and experience changes in our bodies and minds. How do we stay grounded and clear about our own path amid these changes? “How do we maintain a position of steadiness?” As Swami Radhananda notes above, we go within to find the answers.

We can explore our inner self – our thoughts, choices, limitations we put on ourselves. We can change our inner landscape to meet today’s challenges as we age. In these Saturday classes, we will be harnessing the emotions and intellect and gathering facts to move forward in this time of life. We will be using a variety of yogic practices: visualization, reflection, symbolism, breath and relaxation.

Have available:

  • A journal or notebook
  • Crayons, pencil crayons, or other easy coloring tools
  • Paper (8.5 x 11 inch paper of any kind is fine; something you can hold up for others to view)

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Payment & Registration

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