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Classes are offered simultaneously in-person and online through Zoom. Registered students who are fully vaccinated have the option of attending classes in-person in the studio. [See Studio Re-opening Guidelines on Hatha Yoga page.] Of course, attending online classes through Zoom is an option for all registered students.

Mellow Mondays: Relaxation series

with Swami Yasodananda


Monday evenings 5:30 – 6:45 PM

  • November series: Nov 1, 8, 15 & 22 (no class Nov 29)

Cost: $40 for 4-week series; $12 for single class

Advance registration required. 

**Classes offered on Zoom, and for fully vaccinated students, in person in the studio.** 

Deepen your relaxation. In these classes we will use Yoga practices of breath awareness, stretching mindfully, and focusing on positive affirmations to ease into relaxing both body and mind.

Wear comfortable stretchy clothing and have a notebook or journal available.



Payment & Registration

  • To register, please call 509.838.3575 or email
  • Please register at least 24 hours before first class.
  • Payment by PayPal, credit card or check accepted:
    • PayPal:
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you want to sign up for multiple classes or if you have a class credit, please contact us for a different PayPal link.
    • Credit card:  Please call 509-838-3575 with your card information
    • Check: Make check payable to “Yasodhara Yoga Spokane” and mail to 406 S. Coeur d’Alene St., Ste. T, Spokane, WA 99201


  • Zoom link to online class will be emailed to you either the day before or the morning of the class.
  • Sorry, no refunds for classes.
  • Sliding scale rates available. Please call us at 509-838-3575.


Previous Classes

Opening Your Heart:
A personal exploration of the Heart Chakra

Classes ONLINE via Zoom with Swami Yasodananda

When: Thursdays, June 3, 10, 17 & 24

Time: 4:15 to 5:30 PM

Cost: $40 for 4-class series


Find out through reflection and other yoga practices what this place is that’s within us all, yet unique, built from a lifetime of experiences.

We will be looking at the power of words to open our understanding, using crayons to portray visually what we may not be able to put into words, considering the dynamic between heart and head, touching upon movement and rhythm as attributes of the physical heart as well as the spiritual Heart, and, finally, stepping into a lesser known and less understood part of Yoga, that of the vibrating cosmic rhythm of the Heart.


Dreams: The Path to Your Unconscious

Classes ONLINE via Zoom with Lakshmi

When: April 10, May 8th

Time: 10am – noon PST

Cost: $15 per class


Haven’t looked at your dreams lately? So often we have a dream that stays with us but we just don’t get around to exploring it. For those of you who have been in a dream class, you know how valuable the dreams can be. Using Swami Radha’s dream method, we will use spiritual practices to go deeper with our understanding of the dream and gain inspiration from each other. Attend when you like and pay only for the classes you take.


Dancing in the Light

Classes ONLINE via Zoom with Swami Yasodananda

When: Thursdays, March 4 and 11

Time: 4:15 – 5:30 pm PST

Cost: $20 for two classes


Learn a dance to the Divine Light Invocation mantra. Immerse yourself in Divine Light with the repetition of movements and mantra. Engaging the senses (sight, hearing, touch) in learning can enhance awareness and connection with the Light. No dance experience needed.

Wear comfortable stretchy clothing and have a notebook or journal available.


Finding Security in Today’s World

Class ONLINE via Zoom with Lakshmi

When: Thursday, February 4

Time: 4:15 – 5:30 pm PST

Cost: $12


“When we look outward at situations in the world, we often feel that we have no control, no ability to effect change. But we can go back to changing our world within – where we do have ability to change. We can change how we use our intellect and emotions so that we are not swept up by outside forces…We can sit in silence listening to our intuition, in stillness facing what is before us and in reflection thinking deeply.”
~ Swami Radhananda, Living the Practice


Reflecting during this unstable time in the world, you may ask, “Where do I find my security, stability, equanimity, strength?” Spend time looking inside to discover where your security lies. What is important to you? Where do you find the peace that takes you through difficult times?

In this class series, you will be using yogic practices such as breathing and mantra to bring your mind to a clear place, to find answers to help you clarify security – what it means to you, where you find it, and what you can depend on.


Relax Your Body, Relax Your Mind

Class ONLINE via Zoom with Swami Yasodananda

When: Thursday, January 28

Time: 4:15 – 5:30 pm PST

Cost: $12 


“Relaxation is the first step to surrender. If I breathe and relax my body, I tune into another rhythm of life. There is something bigger happening – something living and breathing, like the moon and the tides, the days and nights, and the seasons. As I relax I gain an awareness, too, that I’m being supported and looked after.”
~ Swami Radhananda,
Living the Practice


Relaxation is essential for promoting good health and personal well-being. In this class, we will explore the physical and mental elements of relaxation and ways to release tension held in both the body and the mind.