Mantra on Mondays

Mondays, 7:15-7:45 PM

There is no charge and all are welcome. Donations gratefully accepted.

Offered only in-person in the studio.


You are invited to participate in Mantra, one the fundamental practices of yoga. On Mondays for half an hour, gather with a small group of people who are chanting mantras for peace.

Chanting mantra activates the creative spiritual force promoting harmony in the chanter. By chanting these ancient syllables, we can tune into a powerful spiritual vibration. This energy can be sent into the world for the benefit of others. Practicing mantra with others is simple and satisfying.

There will be time at the end of the practice for your questions and learning more about this yogic practice.



Yasodhara Ashram’s Satsangs on YouTube

In Sanskrit, Sat = true, sanga = company, satsang is often translated as ‘in the company of the wise.’ Satsang is the time our community gathers together in devotion and prayer.

Our center is not offering in-person satsangs at this time; however, you can view Yasodhara Ashram’s satsangs on YouTube. Connect with the heart of the Ashram and Swami Radha’s teachings through these wonderful recorded satsangs.


Prayer List

The Prayer List is an important spiritual support and is open to anyone. Daily, members of our community chant healing mantras for those on the list. Please contact us ( to place your friends, family or yourself on the Prayer List. Names remain on the Prayer List for three months and may be renewed at that time. We ask that you request permission from those you wish to put on the Prayer List. You can also include names of people who have passed.