aboutIn Edmonton, teachers and students of Yasodhara Ashram have had a presence since the 1980s. Our commitment was firmly established on Aug. 15, 2000, the day we became an official branch of the Friends of Radha Foundation, the charitable organization that oversees Swami Radha’s teachers in Canada.

Swami Radha and her successor, Swami Radhananda, have encouraged the creation of many Yasodhara Yoga Centres & Teachers to help people stay in touch with their ideals while living in the world. We keep classes small so that people can receive individual attention. Weekly classes keep the process of self-inquiry alive, while satsang builds community and encourages devotion.

We are committed to yoga as selfless service. Class fees are used not only to sustain our work in Edmonton, but to support programs at Yasodhara Ashram. We give back to the larger community through volunteering and fundraising for local charities.

It is a privilege to serve those who seek the most High. — Swami Radha