Namaste! We are teachers offering instruction in Yasodhara Yoga in Cranbrook, British Columbia.

If you wish to connect with our community, please contact teachers Sharon Cross and Patricia Stock.

Teacher Bios

Patricia Stock has been teaching for 20 years and has a special interest in the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga (and the Inner Life of Asanas,) Buddhist teachings and meditation. Her connection with Yasodhara Ashram started in 1986 with classes in Dreams, Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga. This was followed by many short courses at the Ashram and the Yoga Development Course in 1994. Following this there were summer sessions of teacher recertification. Her latest renewal was the Inner Life of Asanas in October 2013. She completed the Yoga Development Course a second time in 2016.

Yoga is part of the fabric of her life with a regular meditation and Ashtanga (Flow) Yoga practice, as well as teaching two Yasodhara Yoga classes per week, and one yoga workshop per month. Yoga teaching is a passion and she hopes to continue offering this for many years to come.

Sharon Cross has been a student of Yasodhara Yoga since 1988. She took the Yoga Development Course in 1996 and has been teaching yoga ever since.

For several years “creating community” and “service to community” have been key words, which helped establish a solid and heartfelt connection to the multiple facets of her wider community. Sharon now approaches each day with an “intention”.

It’s the yoga Teachings that have helped her through many difficulties. Being able to give back as a Yasodhara Yoga teacher also grounds her in order to do the work she has chosen. Her yoga practices and life are intertwined.