Find Insight & Guidance from Your Dreams

February 1, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Yasodhara Yoga Spokane
406 S Coeur d Alene St
WA 99201
$35 for 3-weekly classes
Yasodhara Yoga Spokane
(509) 838-3575

Swami Radha saw the importance of our dreams and would ask, are you not curious about who you are in the eight hours of a day when you are asleep?

“Dream experiences prepare the mind to accept something which the intellect fears. The dream experience can be thought of as a way of slipping past the dragon of intellect, which cannot object or defend when it is sleeping. The innate spiritual power in us generates devotional longing and prepares the place in the heart. Then the experiences can be received and understood.”
~Swami Radha, Realities of the Dreaming Mind

In our dream class we come together to explore our own and others’ dreams. We find great learning from one another as we discover our unconscious are novels of rich symbolism and metaphors.

Have a dream written down when you come to class as well as a journal to take notes.