Teachers of Yasodhara Yoga are trained and certified by Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia. Teachers work from their personal experience and rely on their own foundation of yoga to guide and inspire others. The Ashram aims to build this foundation in all of its teachers. Each of our certified teachers attempts to live the teachings of yoga and bring forth the best in their students. Yasodhara Ashram encourages its trained teachers to approach teaching yoga as an offering.


Patricia Hurdle

patriciaMy life with yoga began in Ottawa in 1986 when I was a working single mother of two young boys. A naturopath urged me to find a yoga class as a way to deal with stress – to learn to relax, reflect and get in touch with my body, mind and spirit. I found this at the Ottawa Radha Yoga Centre (now Yasodhara Yoga Ottawa.) 
In 1997 I began teaching Hatha Yoga in the workplace and a year later, as I began a journey with breast cancer, I discovered the healing power of yoga and began sharing this by offering Hatha Yoga Hidden Language and Kundalini classes to other women with breast cancer. Moving west to the Ashram in 2003, Nelson in 2004 and to Victoria in 2005, I have continued to deepen my practice both as a yoga student and teacher, continually inspired and ever grateful for the brilliance of Swami Radha’s teachings.

Yael Bentov

yaelIn 2001 I first went to the ashram to explore Swami Radha’s teaching; the Hidden Language, the wisdom, the depth that the practices reveal inspires me. I love the levels of understanding that Swami Radha’s teaching unfolds, it makes living life more meaningful.



Diane Roberts




Tara Barbara Huston

(December to April annually)