Honouring the life of Swami Radha

Today is the day Yasodhara Yoga traditionally honours the life of Swami Radha, the founder of the Yasodhara Ashram.  The ashram today is in it’s 52nd year, with thousands of people being touched by her teachings.  We choose to dedicate Satsang last night to Swami Radha, taking a moment for everyone to share a way she had touched their lives.  It was beautiful to listen to everyone’s words and remember her many gifts.  We chanted Hari Om, the healing mantra and sang devotional songs that reminded us of her, or were her favourites.  One of our teachers, Rubina Jamal, recently visited the ashram and brought back some dried apples which were offered for prasad; prasad means grace and we eat something sweet bringing  to mind the sweetness found in our week.

We extend our gratitude to Swami Radha and the many ways she has touched so many people’s lives.



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