Classes finish up for this session

It was the last Hidden Language Hatha Yoga and Dream Yoga class a couple of weeks ago and we had a room full of 6 dedicated women. Two of whom were amazed to find out it was the last class this week and not next.  Through a turn of events they had to switch their plans of coming next week to this week – meaning in the end they made it to the last one! Moments like this remind me of Divine Mother, how Her hand is ever ready to softly guide people where they need to go.

Listening to the group chant Om, it was beautiful to hear all of these voices joined together, each one finding their own unique vibration of Om. Some high, some low, some rumbly, some soft, yet somehow all collected in harmony.  The vibration and power of the sacred sound swirling and wrapping us all.

We practiced the headstand and it was incredible to be a room full of people at various levels of upside-down practice. As a child I used to go upside down as much as possible, off the sofa, hanging from monkey bars, against a fence – somehow it was a great way to spend time. Children (form what I’ve observed) everywhere appear to love this upside-down practice!

Listening to the insights of everyone sharing how they would take what they had learned from turning their concepts and rigidly held beliefs upside down, it struck me that Swami Radha and Swami Radhananda are right, it just gets more subtle and refined, the more and more practice we do.  As adults we’ve got the capacity to look at these levels within ourselves and to understand them as best we’re able.  And this in itself is refreshing. Did we all love to be upside down as children?  What part of us as children knew that turning our world upside-down was a wonderful thing to do?  How do we as adults keep this wonder alive? How could turning  our mental worlds upside-down be delightful?

At Satsang on Easter, we listened to a talk Swami Radha gave in 1995.  She spoke of resurrection as the need to resurrect our memory of the Divine. To remember who we are.  Watching all of these adults turns their worlds upside down, literally, symbolically, and spiritually – it felt as though everyone is taking steps. And this is delightful, a wonder to observe and watch as it unfolds.

Hari Om,

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