Swami Satyananda, from Yasodhara Ashram is coming to Vancouver! We invite you to join her for the potential of self discovery through the practices of Yasodhara Yoga.

Conscious Living in Times of Change – 

POSTPONED: Friday, April 17, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Banyen Books, 3608 W 4th Ave, Vancouver


We live in a world of fast-paced, continual change – processing endless input and meeting demands for flexibility and quick decisions. As life speeds up, we can lose perspective and a deep sense of meaning. Yoga practices are designed to bring us back to our ‘grounding,’ to stillness and to connection to purpose. Join us for breath practices, relaxation, visualization and reflection – a time of returning to centre. Bring a journal for writing personal reflections during this workshop.

Finding Peace in Shifting Times

How do we find an inner place that is secure no matter what is shifting in our world? What remains steady no matter what is changing? Explore these questions—through Yoga practices of reflection, mantra, relaxation and visualization— to clarify your pathway to peace.

Bring a journal for writing personal reflections during this workshop and your yoga mat.

POSTPONED Saturday, April 18, 1 – 5 pm

Yoga Root, 850 Harbourside Dr. Suite #106, N.Vancouver

$90 sliding scale option

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Stillness in Movement-Movement in Stillness

POSTPONED  Sunday, April 19, 10 – 4 pm

Tapestry Community Rooms  2821 Heather St,Vancouver


Join Swami Satyananda in exploring the relationship between stillness and movement, opening to new possibilities—of how to move and act from a place of inner wisdom in your life. Deepen your understanding with Yoga practices such as breath, meditation, asana and reflection. As part of this exploration, Anusha Fernando, Artistic Director of Shakti Dance will offer her experience of Stillness in Movement—Movement in Stillness.Bring a journal for writing personal reflections during this workshop and your lunch.

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Swami Satyananda first met Swami Radha in 1983, and was so inspired that the practice of yoga became a life purpose and passion. Before moving to the Ashram in 1991, Swami Satyananda worked as a mentor teacher and curriculum designer in the field of education. Her love of learning continues to grow and deepen through the practice of yoga. 



Awakening to Light with Swami Lalitananda May 23rd – 26th 2019

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Light & Vibration Talk

Thursday May 23rd 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Join Swami Lalitananda to learn about Yasodhara Ashram, the first Ashram established in Canada, and the vision that created the new Temple of Light.
Swami Lalitananda will also introduce you to practices of Light and Vibration that can help you attune to the more subtle voices within and to higher vibrations that illumine the mind and heart.
Banyen Books 3608 West 4th Avenue
Cost: Free

Shining Brightly – Spring Renewal Workshop

Saturday, May 25th, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Enter with curiosity as you explore your inner world. What needs to be revealed so you can shine more brightly? Discover the power of “off-the-mat” yoga practices such as visualization, reflection and mindfulness. Explore creative ways to awaken to your inner Light. Please bring a journal & pen.

SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street,  Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4

The entrance off Hastings street is currently under construction, so would recommend that guests enter via Cordova Street Courtyard at 149 West Cordova Street (across the courtyard from the JJ Bean Coffee Shop at 146 W. Cordova)

The room is as follows:

Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre

Room 2555, Second Floor

Cost: $90


Creating Luminous Space – Innovative Architecture Meets Spiritual Vision

A Conversation with John Patkau (Patkau Architects) and Swami Lalitananda                                        

Saturday, May 25th, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Meet the architect, John Patkau of Patkau Architects who calls the Temple of Light “the most remarkable thing we’ve ever built,” and Swami Lalitananda, president of Yasodhara Ashram, who will describe the mystical history of the Temple of Light and its significance in the world today. Moderated byAnicka Quin, Editorial Director of Vancouver Magazine and Western Living Magazine.

The Temple of Light, winner of the 2019 Wood Innovation award, is described in Architectural Record as “ethereal, dynamic and profound.” Azure Magazine selected it as one of 10 best Canadian Architecture Projects of 2018, saying: “Sculptural, elegant and beautiful, the temple is a stunning complement to its surroundings.”

Rebuilt on the foundation of the original dome, which was destroyed by fire, the Temple Of Light is a testament of resilience, enduring vision and innovation.

SFU Goldcorps World Arts Centre, 515 West Hastings St                                                                          Cost: Adults $15 Students/Seniors $10

Dancing into the Temple – Celebratory Fundraiser                                                                                          

Saturday, May 25th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                                                                                                                  

Yasodhara Yoga and Shakti Dance are proud to present an evening of devotional arts to raise funds for Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay, BC.  Featuring performances by the artistic director of Shakti Dance Anusha Fernando, the musical director of The Carnival Band Tim Sars + friends, the Ashram Dancers – and very special guest Swami Lalitananda, the president of Yasodhara Ashram.

This is a multi-generational event with the intention of bringing the beauty of the ashram community experience to the city for one celebratory night. Children, elders and everyone in between are welcome. Snacks and tea are included with your ticket.

Bridge and Enrich Lives Society, 718 East 20th Ave                                                                                    Cost: Adults $20 Students/Seniors $15 Children 12 + under FREE

Return to Centre Workshop                                                                                                                              

Sunday, May 26th, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm                                                                                                            

We are under tremendous pressure from the frenetic pace of life and the technology that bombards our senses. How do we find our way back to centre, our true source of power? What distracts you, obscuring your inner knowing? Pause, connect and allow space for your intuition to guide you back to your centre through practices such as reflection, visualization, and relaxation. Please bring a journal and pen.

*There is limited space for this workshop

Unity Yoga, 1672 E 10th Ave. second floor

Cost: $75 


Open House 2019!

Come by Joyspace for a by-donation day of chanting, dancing, relaxing Hatha, and a community potluck.  This is a perfect way to sample some of our offerings and get a taste for who we are.

Satsang 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Uplifting songs, ritual and chanting. This spiritual tradition emphasizes the devotional and nurturing qualities of the Divine Feminine.

Sacred Dance 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Often set to prayers or mantras, sacred dance is a devotional offering. You’ll learn a dance you can bring with you when you go.

Hatha Yoga 4:30 – 5:30 pm

This a gentle and meditative style of Hatha that respects the body as spiritual tool.  There is strong focus on the element of relaxation and listening to your body with attentive caring.

Potluck 5:30 pm

These vegetarian and vegan meals often accompany our gatherings. Feel free to bring something to share or simply enjoy in the bountiful offerings.

Date: Sunday January 27th
Cost: By Donation
Location:# 222-336 East 1st Ave (buzzer #027)

For more information: Email vancouver@yasodharayoga.org or call Joy at (604) 700-7933



Join us on our 2017 spring tour!

Breath: A Doorway to Potential

Breath is the key to quiet the mind, create space and allow clarity to emerge. Between the ingoing and outgoing breath, there is a centre of stillness, a place of deep mystery and potential. Awaken your intuition and discover what emerges. Find ways to make this internal balance present in your life.

Date: Friday, May 26, 7-9 pm
Cost: $30
Location: Oliver Woods Community Centre, 6000 Oliver Road, Nanaimo
Bring a journal and pen

Hosted by
To register: Email Shanti at shanti.p@yasodharayoga.org or call (250) 390-7686


Conscious Living in Times of Change

Date: Saturday, May 27, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $125 or $200 for both weekend workshops (sliding scale available)
Bring a journal, pen, yoga mat (if you wish) and lunch; wear comfortable clothes

We live in a world of fast-paced, continual change – processing endless input and meeting demands for flexibility and quick decisions. As life speeds up, we can lose perspective and a deep sense of meaning. Yogic practices are designed to bring us back to our ‘grounding’ and connection to purpose. Join us for breath, relaxation, visualisation and reflection – a time of affirming what gives your life meaning.


Finding the Still Point

Date: Sunday, May 28, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $125 or $200 for both weekend workshops (sliding scale available)
Bring a journal, pen, yoga mat (if you wish) and lunch; wear comfortable clothes
Strengthen your ability to pause, be still and acknowledge your potential in the midst of daily demands. Gain tools that will help you find balance and well-being in all that you do. Use simple yogic practices including Hatha Yoga to go within, nurture yourself and connect with your inner strength and wisdom.

Workshops located at:
Yoga Weyr
 1990 Frey Rd, Nanaimo (beautifully located near the Nanaimo River)
For directions: yogaweyr.com

Hosted by
Yasodhara Yoga Vancouver Island
For information and to register:
Patricia at patricia.h@yasodharayoga.org or 250.298.8478



Swami Matananda is a long-time teacher and resident of Yasodhara Ashram. Her light-hearted nurturing approach supports people in accessing their inner well of wisdom and their true potential.