Upcoming Workshops

Join Swami Matananda and Swami Satyananda for a weekend of renewal. Consider inviting a friend to experience the rich & inspiring teachings of Yasodhara Ashram close to home:

Brighton, Ontario
Friday September 9, 4pm to Sunday September 11 – Transition Weekend Retreat

About Yasodhara Yoga Thunder Bay

jocelyn-burkhartJocelyn Burkhart has been practicing Hatha yoga since 2005. She completed her teacher training at Yasodhara Ashram in 2011, deepening and expanding her practice to include Hidden Language Hatha yoga, Reflective Kundalini yoga and Dream yoga. Jocelyn’s approach to teaching is gentle and reflective, creating the space for clear observation of and compassionate response to the body, mind and spirit. She offers classes and workshops based on the teachings of Swami Radha, suitable for those seeking to know themselves better and improve their quality of life. Whether teaching yoga, in her holistic health listening and coaching practice, or facilitating soul work, Jocelyn approaches life with sincerity, enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and joyful appreciation.

Yasodhara Yoga Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay, ON
Jocelyn Burkhart
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