In Sanskrit, sat = true, sanga = company. Satsang is often translated as ‘in the company of the wise.’

Satsang is a time to gather together in devotion, reflection, sharing and prayer. All are welcome. Please contact us if you would like to attend.

Date and time: Coming soon!

Location: Outremont QC. Address coming soon!

Price: By donation. The donations support Young Adult Programs and rebuilding the Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram.


A central flame sits on the altar as a reminder of the Light in each of us.

Aarti is an ancient ritual honouring the Divine. A candle is brought to each person. You may pass your hands over the flame and over your head, asking the Light to clear the mind and senses.

Mantra is chanted or recited for 10-15 minutes at each satsang for the benefit of those present, for our friends and family, and for peace in the world. Common mantras we practice are Hari Om, Om Namah Sivaya, Om Tara Tutare and Om.

Bhajans are devotional songs that are interspersed throughout satsang. Some bhajans are in English, others are in Sanskrit. A songbook provides lyrics to all songs.

Prasad is a sweet brought to each person at the end of satsang symbolizing the sweetness of life, which offers us beauty and grace as well as challenge. Hold the prasad in your hand until everyone has received it. We say a prayer together before eating it.