Yasodhara Yoga Montreal offers classes, workshops and satsang in the tradition of Yasodhara Ashram.

Spiritual practices and reflection are the main tools for finding meaning, understanding our own minds, increasing awareness and realizing the potential of our own lives.

This approach was developed by Swam Sivananda Radha, who founded the first Ashram in Canada in 1963 in Kootenay Bay, BC.

As caretakers of a precious set of yogic teachings, our commitment is to ensure that you receive them with the same thoroughness and care that they were given to us.

The goal of yoga is to discover your inner wisdom and connection. Classes and workshops support this process by alternating between written reflection (journalling) and yogic practices including breath, visualization, meditation, asana, mantra, and relaxation.

Classes, workshops and satsang are open to all.

We look forward to meeting you!