There are currently no in-person classes at this time due to COVID-19.

Yasodhara Yoga Lethbridge Teachers

Daya (Leigh Monette)

I first became involved with Swami Radha’s teachings and Yasodhara Ashram over 30 years ago. Her teachings are the foundation of my life, showing me options and giving me purpose. I am honoured to be able to bring these ancient teachings to Lethbridge and invite you to come and expand your life.




Suzanne Lenon

I first encountered Swami Radha’s teachings 12 years ago and they have transformed my life, leading me to greater Consciousness of my speech, thoughts, and actions. You are warmly invited to be part of our group, joining others who seek self-discovery, conscious living, and spiritual community.
All are welcome!



Tara (Barbara Huston)


I am a long-standing student of the ancient eastern teachings that Swami Radha has made accessible for every day life in our era. I have yet to meet a life situation that is not unraveled and elevated by the Kundalini System. It is my joy and privilege to offer classes, both from my home and in the community, in this gentle, practical and personally empowering Yoga. Come, find out for yourself the power of Reflection, Awareness, Self-discovery and Choice. You will be gifted with practices that will Lighten your life, and help you relax into a joy and purpose you may not otherwise have known. You will find a warm welcome, and other like-minded people seeking deeper meaning and quality in daily life.



Daya (Leigh Monette)
(403) 327-8007

Tara (Barbara Huston)
(403) 381-6042