Satsang is a devotional evening of chanting songs (bhajans) and mantra, includes the Aarti ceremony of Light, and a brief talk on an aspect of living a spiritual life.

Satsangs are held on a regular basis, usually Sunday evenings, 7-8:30  at 51 Fenwood Road in Halifax.  Occasionally the time and/or location will change, so please see the calendar.


Upcoming Satsangs:

May 13, 2018    7-8:30     51 Fenwood Rd. Halifax

The focus will be Divine Mother


Arrival Time:  Please arrive any time up to a half hour before the start of the Satsang (see Calendar)

You are welcome to drop in, but we would also appreciate it if you would let us know if you are planning to attend.  Please email your intention to attend to:

If you would like to place someone on the prayer list, even if you are unable to attend Satsang, please contact