Nordsee is a Yoga Vidya Ashram on the North Sea coast of Germany with a bracing climate and located close to mudflats with iodine and other vital minerals for health and well-being. The Ashram’s daily program is varied and offers Satsangs, lectures and and Yoga classes as well as workshops. You can sign up for a workshop as part of a longer stay and participate in the daily programme as well as enjoy opportunities for recreation in the area.

Near Horumersiel / Schillig, it has the largest beach in Friesland and there are opportunities for swimming, walking and cycling.

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Ananada, Direction of Nordsee Ashram, is a Yoga Vidya Acharya, yoga teacher and spiritual life coach who has been practicing yoga daily since 2001, member of the Self-Realization Fellowship, study of Yogananda’s teachings, initiation of Kriya Yoga.





SWAMI SUKHANANDA VISITS Nordsee in December 2022

Swami Sukhananda’s planned visit for 2021 was postponed due to Covid in Germany last year, but happily she is visiting in December 2022 for her first workshop.

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Cultivating Compassion – 18 – 23 December 2022-  Seminar no .: N201220-3

How can we remain compassionate when the world around us seems to be asking the opposite? It takes warmth of heart and the willingness to have compassion for yourself, your loved ones and the world around us. How can you deepen your understanding of yourself and others so that care, kindness and mindfulness can grow?

Experience the gift of an open heart through the hidden language of Hatha Yoga Asanas, your imagination, through meditation and your inner fire of love.

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Mit Hingabe zum Mitgefühl – Zeitraum: 18.12.2022 – 23.12.2022 – Seminar-Nr.: N221218-2

Wie kannst du im Mitgefühl bleiben, wenn die Welt um uns herum scheinbar das Gegenteil von uns fordert? Es braucht Herzenswärme und die Bereitschaft, Mitgefühl zu haben, mit sich, seinen Lieben und der Welt um uns. Wie kannst du dein Verständnis für dich und andere vertiefen, so dass Fürsorge, Freundlichkeit und Achtsamkeit wachsen können? Erlebe das Geschenk eines offenen Herzens mithilfe der verborgenen Sprache der Hatha Yoga Asanas, deiner Vorstellungskraft, durch Meditation und deinem inneren Feuer der Liebe.

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