September Workshops – reserve your place now

Canterbury CathedralCanterbury River StourCanterbury West Gate

Swami Sukhananda is visiting from Yasodhara Ashram in September.  She is offering a Life Seals Workshop in Canterbury, England (6- 7 September) and workshops on Mantra and Meditation and Intuition and Ideals  in Braga, Portugal  (20-21 September),

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 1.04.45 PMBraga, Bom JesusBraga

….  and a Yoga Retreat on Steps to Freedom in Suffolk (26 – 28 September).

Beach PakefieldBuddha pondSpring Beach pakefieldLook out for the posters on this website and on facebook for more details.

Opportunities to visit beautiful places – outside and within.

2 Responses to “September Workshops – reserve your place now”

  1. barbara gibson

    What are the dates in September for Swami Sukkananda and are there any in London

    • europe

      Hi Barbara – not sure when you put this up. I am arriving 3rd week November and still working on the schedule.


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