Allgäu Yoga Vidya Ashram is located in the small, village of Maria Rain, not far from the Bavarian resorts of Kempten and Füssen. Its full range of programmes, from time to time, includes Yasodhara Yoga workshops, talks courses.

Situated between mountains and forests, you can experience deep relaxation in a natural paradise. Breathing exercises in fresh air, deep meditation in an inspiring environment. It is an ideal place to practice yoga intensely. Rooms are equipped with a shower and bathroom. After your yoga class you can relax in the sauna. Like other Yoga Vidya retreat houses Allgäu is smoke and alcohol free, and the food is fresh and vegetarian. (For more information follow links – in English, and German.)



Shivakami Bretz Director of Allgau Ashram : Yoga Acharya, Yoga trainer since 1993, non-medical practitioner (for psychotherapy), trained in hypnosis and Gestaltberatung. She has been working in the social field for many years, discovering her joy in helping people in their physical and mental development. Shivakami loves to build bridges between different traditions such as physical exercises and self-reflection or Raja Yoga and Western psychology. Since 1993 she has passed on her extensive knowledge in the Yoga Vidya Centres.



Swami Sukhananda’s Visits In January 2020

Join Swami Sukhananda for these profound self-exploration seminars (Svadhyaya) that include the important components of Yoga developed by Swami Sivananda Radha. Swami Sukhananda is a direct disciple of Swami Radha and she will teach and guide you in a clear and structured way.





Hatha Yoga -Symbollism and Self-Exploration – 8-10 January 2020

Discover the secrets of Hatha Yoga: This gentle and completely meditative practice fully integrates the body as a spiritual tool. By exploring with metaphors, symbols, and visualization, the messages that are in the asanas are revealed. You start on a very personal level – your observations, your mind, your body, your relationships with the world. Then go on to the universal, the mythology of cultures, the all-sustaining power of life. This is about understanding the psychology and symbolism behind each asana, and how each one can help increase your spiritual awareness. This practice will help you to enter more deeper into your body and experience the mysteries of the asanas. You practice in a quiet and inward-looking atmosphere with guidance. With time to record your observations, at the end of each session, there is an opportunity for you to share your insights.

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Dedication to Compassion – 10-12 January 2020

Being compassionate towards ourselves, those around us and the world, requires the willingness and courage to be kind-hearted. How do you live an ideal of compassion in a world that seems to express so much of the opposite? How can you deepen your understanding so that kindness and concern can grow? Using practices of Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, visualization, meditation and Light, experience the gift of an open heart.

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