Satsang/Mediation and Reflection

April 6, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Yasodhara Yoga Ottawa
65 Ruskin Street
Joan Gamble

Satsang Online as Our Response to COVID-19

We are very grateful to our talented and dedicated technology team for setting us up online. Last week, we connected successfully with some of you for Satsang and dream class using Skype. We are changing to ZOOM as it is supposed to be a more efficient platform and we ready to invite any of you who would like to join us.
The following are instructions for joining Satsang from Marcia Bamber:
We will have a practice call at 3 pm on Monday, March 23, so you can try it out and see if it works for you. Please call 5 to 10 minutes ahead to start the process. If you are comfortable with Zoom there is no need to come to this practice meeting.
If you can’t make it to the practice session and you want to come to Satsang call 30 minutes early, to give yourself time to trouble shoot.
You have to join yourself, the computer will NOT call you. If you are joining by phone we can’t call you, you have to call us.
DOWNLOAD:  Please download Zoom US on your browser –
JOIN by COMPUTER:  :  At 6:50 on Monday you have to click or copy and paste this link – . It is a unique link created for this meeting, and it will bring you into the meeting called Satsang Dry Run
SOUND:  You will have the choice of listening in on your computer, but if it doesn’t sound good you can have the option of calling in (See JOIN by PHONE) and watching on your computer, and listening on your phone.
JOIN by PHONE:  If you are joining by phone, dial one of these numbers
1 587 328 1099
1 647 558 0588
Then type in the Meeting ID: 419 644 001
Here is a video that tells you how to join a meeting.
If you are having trouble joining Satsang please call or text Martha 613-314-4103.  If you can’t make it work she can facilitate you listening through her phone.


Join us Monday evenings from 7 to about 8:15 for Satsang. Satsang is an uplifting time where we focus on joyful devotional songs, mantra chanting, inspiring talks and videos. This is a wonderful way to begin your week.

We meet at 65 Ruskin Street. (Come in through the back porch and come down the stairs.)

No Satsang February 17, Family Day.

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