“Pathway to the Heart” is the Teaching Theme for April 2018

With the transition to spring, Sharon Cross and Patricia Stock offer a thoughtful guide to the “Pathway to the Heart’”. In Kundalini Yoga for the West (p 321) Swami Radha writes in the chapter titled “Different Pathways for the Aspirant”: … Continued

“Listening” is the Teaching Theme for December 2017

At a time of the year when there is much activity and noise in day-to-day life, the Spokane Yasodhara Yoga Teachers – Swami Yasodananda, Lakshmi, Parvati, Faith Hayflich, Janus Thorne, Sheila Thomsen, Gayle Swagerty, and Amanda Geroux offer a thoughtful … Continued

“Light on Speech” is the Teaching Theme for November 2017

For over five years, Yasodhara Teachers, Jovita Oliveira, Jo Ann Hamm and Carlean Fisher, have held weekly Skype meetings. As the hours of light grow shorter in the coming days this group of long-time teachers offer us reflections of “Light … Continued