Bhakti discovered Swami Radha’s teachings in 1994 at a yoga retreat in Merida, Mexico. After taking the 10 Days of Yoga at Yasodhara Ashram the following year and then the Yoga Development Course in 1996, she became dedicated to the Yasodhara Yoga teachings. These teachings offered such a variety of practices from yoga and reflection to dance and mantra chanting, that her heart and mind where fully satisfied and engaged.


Eva Snyder

eva-snyderEva came to the Ashram for the first time in 2011 with the intention to explore the meaning of work as selfless service. The experience of Karma Yoga proved life-altering, and in 2012 she participated in the Yoga Development Course and Hatha Teacher Training. Eva is now studying at Langara College and is honored to offer Yasodhara Hatha Yoga classes as part of her continuing commitment to devotional and self-study practices.


Janet Bond

janet-bondAlong with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies from the Sophia University in Palo Alto, CA (ITP MATS, 2000), Janet Bond is a long-time student of Swami Sivananda Radha, and a certified Yasodhara Yoga teacher. Janet has been “married-with-children” (and now several grandchildren) for over four decades. She finds Yasodhara Yoga an indispensable guide for leading a rewarding and purposeful life in the context of family and community. In addition to offering workshops in Kundalini and Dream Yoga, Janet is piloting a correspondence course in “Leading an Examined Life” that empowers students to further their yoga studies wherever they happen to be.

Joy Ong

joy-ongJoy fell in love with yoga as a tool for transformation at Yasodhara Ashram. Certified as a Yasodhara Yoga teacher in 2007, Joy offers gentle and relaxing Hatha Yoga and Hidden Language Hatha Yoga classes in Vancouver and around the world. She recently returned from a pilgrimage to Asia where she studied classical Indian vocals and dance in Varanasi, meditated in the Himalayas, taught yoga to children at a Vipassana Meditation Centre and English to Chinese monks in Nepal, and reconnected with her roots in China. As an educator, Joy is passionate about lifelong learning and making pathways to learning accessible to all. She is grateful for the opportunity to share the healing power of Yoga. “May all living beings be happy and peaceful.”

Rubina Jamal

rubina-jalalRubina has been engaged in a spiritual search for most of her life. She was guided to Yasodhara Ashram in 2001 and has stayed connected with the teachings through the Ashram, the Yasodhara Yoga centre in Vancouver as well as through self-study. She completed the Yoga Development Course and Hatha Teacher Training in 2013. Rubina feels blessed to have the mentorship and guidance from the Yasodhara community to compliment her own faith practice as an Ismaili Muslim. The practices of Hatha Yoga, mantra, service and self-reflection help to support her on the path of discovery and empowerment.