Victoria Campbell

After my first Yasodhara Yoga class in Toronto in 2003 there was no looking back. I found a yogic tradition that was deeply meaningful to me, and that has transformed my life. A few years later, I began studies of yoga at Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia, and I became a certified teacher in the yogic teachings established by its’ founder, Swami Sivananda Radha. I have returned to the Ashram most years since 2009 for further teacher training. Teaching has been my life’s path; having taught in the public school system for 23 years. Now I’m committed to teaching my life’s passion – yoga.

I have taught Yasodhara Yoga in downtown Toronto, as well as community centres and yoga studios in the Upper Beach. The gift in teaching is witnessing how those who come to the practice discover more about themselves through self-reflection and how they leave the practice feeling relaxed and calm.

Beginners to experienced practitioners are welcome. Consider giving yourself the gift of one practice to see how it resonates.


‘My immediate feeling during the yoga session and after is one of peace, a feeling I can appreciate all the wonderful things around me, the lovely people I know, the animals that I love, the trees, nature, the blue sky, of being as one with the universe and our maker – serenity.’ P G-S
‘Over these past 9 years Yasodhara offerings in Toronto have deeply nourished my spiritual hunger and helped me return to the essential sustenance of community in shared practice. The monthly satsangs, weekly hidden language gatherings and annual retreats offer me time and space to touch into the sacred teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha. I leave the Centre refreshed and more available to stay focused on the path of expanding consciousness here in Toronto and here on Earth.’  Karuna

‘I have been attending Victoria’s Hatha Yoga classes for several years. She is a wonderful instructor and offers small classes that are a combination of meditation and gentle stretches. I always leave the class feeling totally calm and relaxed.’ JP

Contact info. for Victoria: or text/call at 416-566-7510

Bryn Bamber


I grew up in a household where my mother regularly practiced yoga and meditation but it was a journey for me to find yoga and really make it my own.   In 2012, after struggling with a job that I loved and not knowing where to turn I decided to move to Yasodhara Ashram in the Kootenay Mountains, where I ended up living for more than two years. There I was immersed in the practices of yoga and fell in love with this more conscious way of living.

Now living in the city, yoga continues to be a part of my daily life and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share it with others. In 2013, I was certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher and in 2014, a teacher of Kundalini and Dream Yoga.

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Anna Di Pede

In search of healing and something ‘more’ in my life, I arrived at Yasodhara Ashram for the “10 Days of Yoga” in October 2011. I went to the Ashram looking for answers, meaning and healing. Two months later in January 2012, I returned for the 3 month intensive, Yoga Development Course, and I continued to live, work and teach at the Ashram for three years, utilizing my marketing and advertising experience and skills to help build awareness of the Ashram.

During my time at the Ashram, I became a Yasodhara Yoga teacher certified to teach Hatha Yoga, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Kundalini and Dream Yoga.

Responding to my Divine Appointment has changed my self-identification from a work-driven life to a life filled with Light and meaning. Swami Radha’s life is proof that at any time, a different kind of life can be lived.

I now live and teach in Toronto. As a teacher and always as a student, I continue to learn, I endeavour to support the best in my students, and to share the gifts I have received from living the teachings.

Contact info: or 416-241-2463

Rebecca Weigand

I have always felt a deep connection with the natural world, the sense that there really is no separation except for that which we impose. But it wasn’t until discovering Yasodhara Yoga, and later spending six months at the Ashram, that I found the words to explain what I know in my heart.

I am a teacher, a learner, an organic gardener, a traveller, an activist. As a yoga teacher, I am guided by my experiences at Yasodhara Ashram in the Yoga Development course and the Hatha Teacher Certification. I am also supported by yoga teacher training from Yoga Therapy Toronto, and Yoga for Seniors training. My approach to Hatha yoga is both gentle and deep.

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