Chanting, Breath & Silence:

Relaxing Into the Light


Wednesday, November 28th

A time of stillness, going inward to that Light being within yourself through chanting, Light visualizations, and observing the breath.




Chanting, Breath & Silence:

Bringing in a New Season


Friday, December 21st

Start the winter season with chanting, to remember the Light within, to support our friends, families and communities. Let the power of Divine Light be directed to peace in our nation.





Women Holding the Earth

Sunday June 10,  2:00 – 4:30  p.m.

Where are we in the world cycle? What is happening in your personal world? How can you make a difference? Connect with your body, become grounded in yourself by integrating yogic practices with self-exploration, and dialogue with other women. Find and nurture the sacred within through devotional practice, listening to your own wisdom, and to the wisdom of our Mother, the Earth.

Bring a notebook or journal.

Cost: $25