Autumn-Winter Classes

classes-1Dream Interpretation

Autumn session: Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 18, 2017
7-9pm, location near metro Rosemont

Dreams provide a way to get in touch with your Higher Self. In this class you will be working with your own dreams and learn how to connect with the wisdom and insights that your dreams are offering.

Our Dream classes follow a method of interpreting the unique symbolism of your own dreams, based on Swami Radha’s book, Realities of the Dreaming Mind.  In class, you explore your personal symbolism by alternating written reflection with spiritual practices such as breath and visualization.

The yogic method of working with dreams emphasizes independence and stresses understanding yourself as an individual, rather than using others’ meanings for the symbols in your dreams. Dreams are personal creations, and as you study them you learn the language of your unconscious.

Please bring a journal for your written reflections as well as a dream written down.

$50 for 3-class session (sliding scale)

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Chakras and the Senses

Winter 2018 session: starting mid-January. Classes will be offered bi weekly on Mondays OR as a workshop series on Sunday afternoons.

Chakras and the Senses classes are a powerful investigation of your own mind and consciousness. Each class includes experiential exercises to learn about one of your senses, journalling with directed questions, study of the symbolism of the chakras and meditation practices. This process builds awareness and courage to take the next steps in your life. Swami Radha’s book, Kundalini Yoga for the West, is the basis of all teachings.

Please bring a journal for your written reflections as well as a dream written down.

$100 for either 8-class session or 3 workshops (sliding scale)

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Hidden Language Hatha Yoga

No classes at this time. Stay tuned for class offerings!

If you feel you would like to go deeper with your Hatha Yoga, this method is a good opportunity. Take the time to listen to your body’s messages.

Hidden Language Hatha Yoga takes the practice of Hatha Yoga far beyond a series of physical exercises. It is a gentle and meditative style of Hatha that respects the body as a spiritual tool. By working with metaphor, symbolism, imagery and visualization, the ‘hidden’ messages of each asana are revealed.

Hidden Language starts with the very personal – your observations, your mind, your body, your relationship to the world. For those accustomed to physically intense or rigorous Hatha traditions, Hidden Language will be a change of pace, a chance to go deeper into the body and the mystical potential of each asana.

Come together alone or with a few students in a class where the atmosphere is quiet, supported yet self-directed. Reflective questions are given for you to bring into your asana, the teacher also offers principles – such as spinal awareness, moving with the breath, relaxing in the movements, and observing physical, mental and emotional responses – but you are given responsibility for your own self and your own insights.

Students take time between each asana to write down observations. At the end of class there is a deep relaxation, then the class gathers together to share their reflections.

Please bring a journal for your written reflections, and wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.