In addition to offering weekly Hatha Classes, the Centro de Yoga de Braga offers weekly Hidden Language of Hatha and weekly Mantra chanting. In addition, we have a monthly session of Kundalini Yoga or Dream Yoga followed by Satsang.

We like to offer our students and yoga friends the opportunity to meet visiting teachers at our yoga centre or in our annual retreat each April as a way to expand their views and go deeper in their reflections. Visiting teachers from Yasodhara Ashram, and Yasodhara Yoga teachers from England and France offer a variety of workshops that, from time to time, include Kundalini Yoga, Lifeseals, Dream Yoga and Music and Consciousness.






Workshop with Elizabeth Taylor

Finding Balance in Daily Life

Life has many parts and many responsibilities – work, relationships, family, and information input – and taking care of yourself can be challenging. How do we keep ourselves balanced and centred when faced with life’s challenges? How can you step back to gain perspective and move forward with clarity? By using the practices of Yasodhara Yoga, we will explore ways to help us maintain that balance and flow in order to live our lives more fully.


Elizabeth Taylor is an experienced Yoga teacher from London who has spent considerable time at Yasodhara Ashram in Canada, both as a Karma Yogini and as a trainee and apprentice teacher completing the various stages of training to be able to offer Swami Radha’s unique teaching. She is thrilled to be returning to Braga and sharing this wonderfully creative way of working with you all again.



When: 30 September 2017, 10h00 -17h00

Where: Centro de Yoga de Braga, Rua dos Chãos 77-2º Braga

Cost: 40 Euros including lunch and tea breaks

Contact: +351 938423986; email:


jovita cert 0410Jovita is the director of the Centro de Yoga de Braga, and has been teaching yoga since 1991. In 2010, Jovita took the Yoga Development Course and Hatha Yoga teacher certification at Yasodhara Ashram. She returned to Canada in 2013 to take the teacher certifications in Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Dream Yoga and returned again in 2015 to renew her Kundalini and Dream certification.

She now offers these classes at her studio in Braga and in nearby towns.

For class information visit   Or contact Jovita:  +351938423986




Swami Sukhananda’s Visit, February 2017
  • Dreams Workshop
  • Conscious Living in Times of Change
  • Transitions



Dream Yoga, November 2016




Some experienced students and some new students explored Swami Radha’s Method of dreams analysis.





Swami Sukhananda’s Visit, December 2015

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