Haus Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg is Europe’s largest Yoga Centre, offering over 1.400 programmes each year, as well as a variety of recreational facilities. This idyllic retreat centre provides extensive opportunities for you to work on your body, mind and soul. You can practice yoga and meditation in a natural setting with like-minded people. Yasodhara Yoga is among the wide selection of options available in 2019.

A stay in Haus Yoga Vidya, a powerful place in the Teutoburger Forest of northern Germany, renews your strength and joy. Each day offers a full Yoga programme plus delicious food – 100% organic and almost completely vegan.  (For more information follow links – in English, and German.)



Yasodhara Yoga with Swami Sukhananda

Swami Sukhananda will be visiting Bad Meinberg for the first time for the first two weeks for February 2019, offering workshops and talks.



Weekend Course – Steps to Freedom, Kundalini Yoga – 1 – 3 February 2019

Schritte zur Freiheit 

Kundalini Yoga provides you with a symbolic map of your mind. It shows how the practices of Yoga can help you to draw on your inner wisdom draw and move forward, whatever the situation. Explore the power of Yoga to transform your life through a process of self-inquiry and meditation practices. Each choice you make, each step you take, can help you overcome limitations and bring you closer to your potential.

Suitable for all levels. Bring a journal for your reflections and come in comfortable clothing.

Lesen Sie darüber in Deutsch und reservieren Sie Ihren Platz;


A Week of Talks – Key Steps in Kundalini Yoga – 3 – 8 February 2019

Themenwoche  “Schlüsselschritte” im Kundalini Yoga

How do we apply our understanding of the Kundalini System effectively in daily life? How do we move on when we find ourselves in a stuck place? What do we need to do to open the heart and access intuition?
Many of the practices available to help us are familiar, such as  breath, renunciation, devotion, discrimination, and mantra. Kundalini Yoga give us the tools to develop our potential, improve our awareness and refine our skills so that we can take key steps at the right time.
These talks will include practices, reflection and group discussion. You are asked to bring your journals and pens to each talk.

Lesen Sie darüber in Deutsch und reservieren Sie Ihren Platz;


Weekend Course – Writing Your Life – 8 – 10 February 2019

Schreibe dein Leben

Open to your inner voice in this unique class that combines the practices of Yoga with writing. In a Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga process, you will be guided to reflect on how Hatha poses relate to your mind, body and spirit – and your life.  Using Mantra and Meditation you will explore the power of Saraswati to unlock your creative potential. Your reflections will then be the seeds of inspiration that blossom in writing exercises that reveal how the story of your life and can evolve.

Suitable for anyone, whether beginner or experienced with yoga and/or writing. Bring a journal for your reflections and come in comfortable clothing

Lesen Sie darüber in Deutsch und reservieren Sie Ihren Platz;


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