Yasodhara Yoga European Network

yyen-aboutIn 2014, in line with our fellow yoga teachers and centres in Canada and the US, we renamed ourselves the Yasodhara Yoga European Network, to reflect the fact that are an informal network of individuals whose spiritual home is Yasodhara Ashram in Canada.

Formerly known as Radha Yoga teachers, we started offering classes in Europe in 1989. The first Radha House opened in 1990 in Canterbury, England. We now network with teachers and students across Europe. Besides offering Yasodhara Yoga in our communities, we come together for meetings and to offer special workshops. In this way, we support one another – students and Yasodhara Ashram trained teachers –  by giving encouragement, mentoring, offering classes, workshops, and Karma Yoga opportunities throughout the year. We are also able to offer periodic opportunities for teachers with family commitments to renew their teacher training qualifications without making the journey to British Columbia.

The Radha House Association

The Radha House Association is a small charity formed to support the teachings of Yasodhara Yoga in Europe, by helping teachers and students to study here, and at Yasodhara Ashram in Canada, and  by sponsoring the teaching tours of sanyasinis and others from the Ashram, and from other centres. It is managed as Karma Yoga by a small group of committed teachers, and our goal is, ultimately, to have a dedicated centre for the teachings in Europe.

The Radha House Association is a registered charity, No 10507281.

We work closely with our sister charities, the Yasodhara Ashram Society, the Association for the Development of Human Potential (USA) and the Friends of Radha Foundation (Canada).

The Radha House Association offers public benefits through a commitment to help people gain access to the yoga teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha. We aim to help:

  • provide yoga classes, workshops and retreats in local communities at accessible prices
  • offer discounts for those who are on benefits
  • offer opportunities for students and teachers to participate in Karma Yoga and satsangs without charge
  • have a supply of yoga books, CDs, tapes and videos available to students for sale and loan.